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Going up to Midsize grips?

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So i've been going to the driving range more than.... well i ever have before and hitting ALOT more balls than i ever have before on my quest to actually become proficient at this sport.  The downside to hitting 200-300 balls per range trip is I have been getting multiple blisters on my hands...  The worst is on my left index finger just above the first knuckle on the thumb side of the finger where the club rests.. The other is on my right index finger on the middle of the middle knuckle, also where the club rests.


I have noticed that when I swing the club moves just a little bit in my hand and I have to reset after each real swing.  When I bought my clubs from the golf shop I was told I would likely want to use midsize grips as I wear a large glove and have larger than average hands (i guess?).  Would the blisters, club moving in my hand be indicators midsize grips may work better for me, or just the fact that I need to work on my grip in general and maybe grip harder so the club doesnt move so much??  Thanks for the input!!

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Blisters are part of the deal, especially if you play/practice a lot.  I dont think bigger grips are going to solve that problem.

Grip size is really much more of personal preference.  Perhaps you do have bigger hands and need midsize grips.  I wear a size large glove (and large is a tight fit for my hands) and havent seen much of a difference from standard to midsize to jumbo grips.

For a while I even used jumbo grips (bought a used set of Nike Slingshots that came with them).  I actually really liked the way that jumbo grips felt but it didnt make much difference in terms of blistering.

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I had lunch with an acquaintance today, and the discussion turned to golf.


Both of us have gone to midsize grips. This fall, I switched over my fairway woods after starting to hook them. The midsize cut down on the problem, so I went to midsize on everything but my driver. I have better grip pressure, and don't seem to 'clamp down" on the grip, acutally choking off yardage.


Another benefit is wedges. I'm hitting the ball straighter, avoiding those off-to-left and off-to-right days.


The other guy went to midsize this spring, and had similar good results. He says he grips the club more softly than before.

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There all manor of tips out there on grips sizing. Try this grip fitting guide, go to golfclubshaftreview.com and click on the Grip Size page.

I'm sure you'll find it usefull. But as the other writer said, "blister are all part of the deal"

Good luck

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I though about the switch too. Stay with regular size. Blisters just come with practice. Good Luck with the decision

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