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What clubs first and new or used?

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I am getting back into golf after an absence of just over a decade and am still using my Spalding Tour Impact clubs I bought when I was 17. Basic set of 3-PW Irons and a set of woods. I retired its 1 wood as soon as I had enough money for an oversized driver.

Here I am golfing again and want to buy some used clubs that might be better than I have now. I don’t want to hand down a $500+ hundred for a new set of clubs just yet. My swing just isn’t consistent again yet. I would like to could keep the set of Irons under $200, and fairway woods under 75 each.

So here are my questions:

  • Should I buy a set of irons or some fairway woods first?
  • Should I buy used set (A friend of mine has a set of Green Dot Ping Eye 2’s for sale, but older clubs I have seen seem a bit worn) or a generic brand of clubs? (Like gigagolf.com, though I am a businessman and would like to play charity tournaments sponsored by my customers and suppliers, and not sure if I’d be looked down on for having ‘off brand’ equipment’)

Basically give me your opinions please!

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Get fit for your body size.


You can do it online at Ping or in a big box store. Just a static fitting for a correct swing (that you may not have yet). One you know the correct lie and length of your clubs, get a forgiving (super game improvement) set. If you fit regular lie and length, you can get clubs online somewhere like RockBottomGolf.com. Assume you want regular flex shafts -- a safe bet. The set will be new but a model that is a year or two old. I'd spend the money you're thinking for woods on your iron set and keep the old woods. For $300 you can get a set that includes hybrids and re-learn to play mostly with those. Then pick up a wood or two when you are feeling good about your game.


If you need more upright or flat clubs, make sure the set you buy is correct or can be bent to be correct. A big box store can tell you if a brand can be adjusted or not. Check before you buy. You are better off with a $5 set of clubs that fit you than you'd be with a $5000 set that does not.

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If I was starting out would go to a chain store and get some idea of my measurements. Chances are they are standard.

If I wasn't near standard I'd investigate why. Ie if I was really upright I'd try and change that.

If I wasn't standard I'd visit Hireko and pick up some Acer XS or XF.

If I was near standard I'd picknup some used Cobra Irons off ebay... ie FP's usually go for a hundred or so.
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Get a new driver and maybe a 4W and a 3H for starters. Woods is where the greatest technology change has take place.


Then, as your swing stabilizes, consider getting new irons.


AS for the charity events and playing for business, you bring up an unfortunate but true point. Some people are club snobs, and look down on people who play very old/offbrand clubs.


As your swing gets back into shape, try to find some golf Demo Days where you can hit lots of irons and get an idea of what you like. Then, you can get fitted for irons a Christmas time.


OR, if you're taking lessons from someone, you might have the pro birddog some used irons for you.


Regardless of your path, hunt for clubs in person, so you can hit them first before you buy them. Get a static fitting, which checks you for shaft length, lie angle, and grip thickness. Stay away from eBay and Craig's List.

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You know, there's a lot of "Complete sets" out there which are darn good options for beginners... If you get one of those, you may not have to even worry about what order to get new clubs in...

If you do so, I'd stick with a reputable clubmaker, like Adams, or Callaway, which also makes "Top Flite" and "Strata" sets.

Since these sets are so cheap, you can supplement with your own clubs as much as you like...

just a thought.

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Thanks for the replies. I was in a bit of a  crisis when my boss walked up to me and dropped the tournament papers on my desk. After calming down some I bought some lightly used drivers and fairway woods at my local pro shop. They were very helpful finding me clubs that were not only somewhat inexpensive but fit me well. I went for Calloway and Taylormade and for now am sticking with my 15 year old Spalding Irons. I am hitting them  well and I think I will buy a good used set of Pings after this season.


David M

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