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Used 910F

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Found a mint condition 910f for 140$ on 2nd swing.com it has a project x in it stif plus. But I'm not sure the value of the club.. No sky marks or scratches on the face or bottom.. It's listed as a 9.5/10. Been looking for a new 3 wood and this would match my hybrid and driver. I was about to pull the trigger on the 913 or callaway x hot pro.. Any info on price is appreciated!
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New is $200. Could be good price at $140 for mint.


BTW, that is my 3-wood setup. I love the PX shaft.

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Might want to check 3balls.com, they have the 910F with Project X for $83 (lefty's get 25% off).  2ndSwing is usually high on used clubs, 3Balls and GlobalGolf are much more competitive. 

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I just love the px shaft.. But the club has no marks on it whatsoever too.. No scuffs or sky marks.. Maybe hit on the range once if at all. I'll look into 3balls
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I purchased a 910f 4w a while back /w head cover but no tool on ebay, in a condition that was probably 7~8/10 for $115 and that was at the beginning of this season.  I am a lefty as well, and the 4w is a rarer club than the 3w, so I would think that you could find something in the sub $140 price. 


If however you really want a brand new looking club, like the others have said, it is cheaper than you would find anywhere else.

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