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Anyone playing Tour Exotics XGC# Hybrids or FWW

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I read the reviews of both the XGC6 hybrids and fairway woods (I hate when people say "metal" or "fairway metal") in GOLF magazine and the feedback was very positive. I've been looking on eBay and the XCG5s seem to be within my price range. I am specifically looking at the 4-wood (16.5°) and the 4-hybrid (22°). Anyone out there have experience with these clubs or similar?
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I play 1 xcg5 and 2 xcg6.  I love all three, and rotate them depending on the course.  They really do what they say, hit it LONG!  And straight! in the XCG6 I have 15* and 18* and in the xcg5, the club I really love to carry the 11.5* what a club! 

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Tested some Exotics line clubs last week at Demo Day.


I had played Tour Edge Bazooka 3W and 5W from 2002 to 2008. Low-profile pair I really liked, quit using when I dropped stiff shafts.


I had tested Exotics at prior demo days, and they were at the top of my list this time.


As for the mainline Exotics, the XCG6 is a low profile wood with a very hot face. I tried some shots with it, and when I hit is square it really moved out. Stock shafts:

  • Graphite Design AD 40 (42 grams)
  • Matrix Ozik HD 5.1 (53 gram R.flex) and HD 6.1 ( 64 gram S. and 69 gram X)


I was a little wild with the lighter AD 40, and got better pattern with the HDs. If I got to where I was shooting in the 80s regularly, I might upgrade to the XCG6.


The Tour Edge rep encouraged everyone to hit both the 15* 3W and the 16.5* 4W. It just depends on swing characteristics - more on attack angle than swing speed. You just have to see which is best.


As things happened, I bought the Exotics XRail variant (4W and 7W). XRail has a slight v-shaped sole to help get the ball up. It gives me a little less distance but a bigger margin of error than the XCG6.  I worked out the XRails at the range today, very promising - and will do a review once I play a couple of rounds.


TE site: http://www.touredge.com/index.asp

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Additional note: I had hit the Callaway XHots at an April Demo Day. The Exotics XCG6 reminded me a lot of the XHots, similar square-face setup and feel. Both have hot faces!


I believe the Exotics have a slightly lower profile, although I didn't do a side-by-side test last weekend.


If I later decide to upgrade to more aggressive FWs, the contest would be between XHots and Exotics.

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I have a xcg5 4 wood. 16.5. Man It is a great club, so easy to hit I am thinking about a 13* 3 wood

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The Exotics Trilogy fairways and Hybrids are absolutely incredible. Do yourself a favour and try them.

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Try the 11.5 just for fun, talk about bombing it... it goes about 20 yards longer than my best driver off the deck shot, and if the course I play has long par 5s I carry this club to attack the green in two! Fun club!!
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I have a TEE XCG-5 3 hybrid in 19* stiff shaft i'm selling if you're interested


Just swapped this out for a 5 wood.  I'm better off hitting fww than hybrids

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I appreciate the offer, but I need regular flex shaft for my swing speed.



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