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Having trouble hitting hybrid

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Just acquired Calloway Diablo Edge #4 H and having trouble hitting it consistently.  I have no problems with my irons or fairway woods including the very low profile Olimar Tri-metal 13 deg or 21 deg.  Only thing I can think of is the shaft is a lot more flexible than the others (my irons are APEX 3). This hybrid came with an "A" flex (which I did not notice when I got it on Ebay.  I have not given up on it yet as I have not had chance to use it that much.  I don't know whether to sell and get another, or simply get a new shaft put on. I am thinking it more cost effective just to list on ebay and with proceeds get a replacement. (If the flex is the problem and not something "I" am doing wrong).  My set up is much like my 3 iron, but perhaps a couple inches further back and I do try to hit down like an iron.

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We cannot give you much advice until you tell us what happens during the swing. Do you chunk it? Top it? Shank it?

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just not good  solid hits. I probably top it more than anything. Could also be hitting on upswing too much (ball placement?) I will keep working at it. I did try and slow down the swing which seems to help a great deal, so I am thinking it is the flex that is bothering me. Its kinda weird given that I can hit my one iron pretty pure most of the time. The hybrid should be a cinch you would think. Hell, I will probably wake up tomorrow, give it a shot, and wonder what all the fuss was about.

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I had the same with a Titleist 910H 17*, or my Nike Machspeed driver that showed up with L flex. I just slowed down by say 40%, sweeped it easy and amazingly the ball still flew as far as a full killer swing. Unfortanatelly for me when I have my hybrids in hand and see the graphite shaft I think "Driver Kill Swing" when it should be "easy sweeper swing...with a side of power" I over drive my swing alot on graphite shafts...instead of just letting the club do the work.

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You make a very valid point. I definitely noticed a difference off practice mat when I slowed. Like a lot of people, I tend to answer my own questions. I guess we are mostly seeking validation.


Thank you.z5_smartass.gif


p.s. where in Ohio?  I was born in Dennison (Tuscarawas County),small town about 100 miles East of Columbus.

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I'm in Newark, roughly 30 miles east of Columbus, i am a transplant though.from northern VA

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Oh yes, Newark.  One of the stops when  the Pennsylvania Railroad ran  passenger trains. Dennison, Coshocton, Newark, Columbus.

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