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One Iron hybrid Replacement of 3 fairway wood

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Okay so im pretty much done with attempting to carry my 3 wood in my bag. its so unreliable and im pretty sure its almost at 50/50 shot of me keeping the ball in play when i pull this club out. Ive hit a one iron hybrid (bobby jones hybrid 15 degree) and loved it. didnt go as far as my 3 wood but hit it 7 times out of 10 straight with the other three shots fading. any thoughts on the switch, or should i only play a driver and 4 wood and start my irons off with 3 rather than 4. (i play 4 wedges)




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I hit a 4 wood recently to test it out and loved it. I will be picking one up as soon as funds will allow. I also tried a hybrid but for some reason I've never been any good with hybrids. I hit 3/4 of the shots with the 4w straight and only 1/3 of the hybrid shots even left the ground. I would try hitting a 4w too to see which you do better with.

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I was on the flip side the OP, Looking for a New 3wood, cuz i couldnt hit my driver lol.... and ended up with two new clubs lol...  3wood and driver...


I love my 3 wood and it will never leave my bag EVER!!!! lol    even my old 3 wood was really good.. just was looking for a newer fairway wood..  


But i also have a 2,3,4,5 hybrid   2 & 5 are taylormade and the 3 & 4's are Nike VRS ( which hit so NICE )  


I dont think there is anything wrong with using a 4 wood... especially if you hit it better than your old 3 wood...  And then using that 1 hybrid too..     


I use to have a 7wood in my bag years ago that i would use in place of my 3iron and 4 iron at the time.. 

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I noticed your 1H headline because of what I saw in Play It Again Sports yesterday: A Ben Hogan 1H (15*), 2H (17*) and 3H (20*) from a few years back.


Compared to your situation, my bag is now "anchored in fours" ... 4W, 4H and 4i


When I dumped stiff shafts circa 2008, I was playing a 3W and 5W. I picked up a Callaway X Tour 3W, and then paired it variously with a 5W, a 3H, and a 19* TM Raylor.  Had trouble getting the 3W up consistently.


In June I switched to the Tour Edge Exotics XRail 4W (16.5*) and 7W (21*). These are basically SGI woods, and I've had good success overall. (Last season, I played with another brand of 4W and 7W and had major control problems.)


I also have a Adams VR4 4H: a lower launch club - great into the wind - that splits distance between 7W and 4i.


For you, it depends on what you can use best: a 1H, or a 4W.


The  {3-9 + 4 wedges + Driver + Putter} leaves you with 1 club to play with. A study appearing in Golf Digest found that the average golfer hits a 4W better than a 3W. So, can you hit a 1H better than a 4W? One thing to consider: can the 1H get you out of the rough? If not, a 4W with more loft, and a longer shaft, might be worth considering.


At a recent demo day, the Tour Edge rep steered a couple of really long-ball hitters toward 4W rather than 3W: their swing dynamics gave them more reliable lift with the 4W.


Or, could you drop the 3i, and go with a 1H and 3H (3H for rough exit)? Let us know what happens, this is an interesting case.

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Thanks WU Tiger for the comment, I'm going to get fitted for all new clubs (well not all new, im keeping my mp60's and my cobra hybrid 2H). I love my 3 iron and will never part with it; just updating my shafts from stiff to x-flex. The 4-wood is a good idea, but i dont know how much distance that gives me over my 2H. The 2H is my bread and butter off the tee on a majority of the par 4's. The problem with the 3 wood is hitting it off the deck, i cant seem to get it up into the air and it always seem to hook ( i play a pretty straight ball, but im known to have a slight draw every once in a while). And even when i decide to hit it off the tee, i could always hit a driver rather than the 3 wood, so its almost serves no purpose in my bag other than for the off the green chip and runs. I also made the change to only play 3 wedges (pw, 52, 58). Im going to try out the titleiist 1H and the ben hogan 1H, but if that doesnt work i might just put another wedge in, which isnt what i wan to do but we will see. the advice really helped. i gotta figure this bag out.

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From what you've told us, I think your main issue is finding a long club that can get you out of the rough.


If the 2H will do it, you might go 1H + 2H to bridge driver and irons.


Still, I would suggest you at least try the 4W.


Also, you could probably use the 3i as a driving iron on tighter holes. Despite my HDCP, I carried a 3i as a driving iron last year. I charted the effectiveness for one month, and found that for the 12 par 4s where I teed off with a 3i, i was only 4 over par.


And, I've seen long-ball guys who use just driver and hybrids. A kid on our university's golf team hits his 2H about 280 yards -  that's 30 yards longer than my best drive.:cry:


Again, let us know what you decide.

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