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KBS shafts -

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My son snapped the shaft in his 7 iron at the range last night.  Does anyone know the warranty on KBS shafts?  I have looked and cannot find anything.  It broke right at the club head. He had to the walk of shame -walk down the line and ask everyone to stop hitting so he could run out and get the club head. 

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Unless you did a reshaft yourself, you should look up what the warranty is on the iron set. Contact your pro shop or the iron manufacturer, and find out. Did your family register the iron set with the manufacturer after you bought it?

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Everything was taken care of by the range.  New club on its way.

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That's odd. Did he hit a rock or something to snap the shaft, or was it just a shaft far to soft for him that he loaded too quickly?

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Nope, just right off the toe of the club.  Sounded like a tuning fork when he hit it.

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