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Trying to choose between two shafts

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Spent a bulk of my day hitting irons at GG and EW. I believe I have settled on the iron I want, and the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer selected the TT Dynalite XP R300 for me. I can get that shaft in either iron I am looking at - the Mizuno 800 or 825. 


I can also get the clubs in a Nippon NS Pro 950 GH shaft. I was NOT able to hit that shaft today, but I am wondering if it would be worth the extra cost for it. I was looking for a lightweight option, but am not sure how those two shafts compare. 


Thoughts? Thanks!

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Here's the specs on the two:

  • TT Dynalite Gold XP R300: 117 grams, low kickpoint, soft tip
  • NS Pro 950GH R.flex: 94.5 grams, mid kickpoint, medium-soft (probably)


Dynalite shaft varieties are all high launch

950GH is lighter weight, but as mid-kick (midlaunch) and a slightly firmer tip.


Both the Dyna XP and the 950 GH shafts tend to be softer than average in stated flex, so this might even out.


But the Dyna XP is 23 grams heavier (24% heavier overall). So, you need to hit the 950GH in order to decide. Light shafts are nice, but if they're too light, they're hard to control, and feel at the top.


Also, what other two shafts did the Miz Shaft Opt suggest?

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Other recommendations were the KBS tour and Project x 5.5 I believe.


It did not recommend a light weight shaft, I was just considering the option due to the way my hands feel at the end of a round. I had switched to graphite shafted Rzr X irons for the last month, though I liked how my hands felt at the end of a round, I could not get used to the graphite. I may find the same with the NS pro, but it is heavier than the graphite was. 


I am not even sure the lightweight shafts would help or be of any benefit to my hands at all since it is still a steel shaft.

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If you need to lower your ball flight then the PX 5.5 (non-flighted) shaft is an option, check with your fitter.

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I ended up ordering the Mizuno JPX 825 with the Dynalite XP shafts. Can't wait to get them and play. First set of Mizunos for me.
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A couple of things to consider:

* You could inquire about having Sensicore inserts put into the shaft; this dampens vibration. Only drawback: if you live in Florida or the Caribbean where you have high moisture year round - some people complain that the Sensicore absorbs moisture and can lead to internal shaft rust.

* Check out these Winn grips: Dri-Tac, "comfort performance" and medium soft / OR / Excel "ultra soft" with "unbeatable tackiness and shock absorption."


I have the Dri-Tac Midsize (up from standard) on my irons, wedges and FWs, and my hands don't ache in weeks when I play and practice a lot. It has also improved my grip pressure.


Just something to consider. Not everyone likes softer grips.


Also look at the BIONIC StableGrip golf gloves. These Cabretta leather gloves have extra pads and touch points in the grip area, and are quite durable - almost more like a handball glove than a traditional golf glove.

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Thanks! I will check those grips out after I play a time or two with what comes on them. I got the irons on eBay. They are in near mint condition, but come with grips that have the word "DEMO" on them, so was probably going to replace them anyways... :)

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