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All Time Favorite Par 3, 4, and 5.

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What is your all time favorite Par 3 hole, Par 4 hole, and Par 5 hole.


Pictures and descriptions are highly encouraged! 



I'm going to be completely cliche but I just love TPC Sawgrass 17th. 



Par 4

Turnberry Golf Course, Scotland, 9th hole. 


Par 5

I couldn't find a picture but I'm pretty sure it is the 12th hole at Highland National in St. Paul. Where I got my first Par 5 birdie :-D

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Par 3 - TPC Sawgrass


Par 4 - St. Andrews #17 (Road Hole)

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Par 5 - Firestone CC #16 South Course

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Any par 3, 4 or 5 at Spyglass. Pebble 3- at no. 7, 4 at no. 8, 5 at no. 6 (no, not no. 18).  Privileged to play Spyglass twice and Pebble twice. 

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Par 3: #16 TPC San Antonio

Yes, that is a bunker in the center of the green.


Par 4: #18 Whistling Straits "Dyeabolical"


Par 5: #18 Pebble Beach

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I think the 17th at Sawgrass is something of a love it or hate it hole really. Most golf holes have an element of being manufactured, but nature should perhaps be the ultimate architect and this one is probably just a bit too much of a gimmick for me, although no one can deny that it's pure theatre


I can only really comment on the Scottish candidates though. I simply haven't got the familiarity with the US ones outside of the signature holes


Troon's Postage Stamp (the 8th) usually appears on any list, but I'm not so sure myth hasn't exceeded reputation here. The par 3's at Royal Dornoch are all challenging and they're probably the best group collectively. Carnoustie's 16th might be one of the tougher ones (or was). In 1975 Tom Watson played it five times and failed to make par on every attempt, albeit 245yds isn't quite the demand today that it was then. For aesthetics I might go for Kingsbarns 15th, a 212yd shot played over the sea and bringing a little bit of the character of Turnberry's ninth into play in a truncated sort of way. The 15th at North Berwick is another than has been much copied all over the world and become something of a blueprint for the short assignment. St Andrews 11th is another that frequently crops up as a classic par 3 in most discussions I've had (not completely sure I share the enthusiasm for it). I suppose for a bit of quirkiness the 5th at Prestwick is worth a mention as a curio

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