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Competitive golf

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how low a Handicap to play high school/ college/ semi pro golf would you say you need to have.

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Originally Posted by mikeparker View Post

how low a Handicap to play high school/ college/ semi pro golf would you say you need to have.


Depends on where and how successful you want to be. For high school, you might be able to make a team with a 20+ handicap, or you might struggle to make the team as a 6 handicap. 


Same goes for college. At a small school, you might be able to make the team with a 10+ handicap. At a major program, you may struggle to make the team with a 4. 


Semi-pro is a whole 'nother ball game. If you want to make a living out of it, you better be in the plus territory.

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Geauxforbroke is correct in that it can vary greatly in almost every aspect besides pro/semi-pro.


As an example, my high school team would have needed you to play to a very low handicap (I got in as the last varsity member). However with the number of seniors that graduated and the number of other players we have it's going to come down to me, a sophemore (he won conference this year as a freshman with near a -2 scoring average) and then the next best few that show up at tryouts. I expect them to play in the range of a 15-20 handicap if the current JV team is any indication of next year's freshman.


Depending on the college you go to there can be very stringent or relaxed requirements to make the golf team. If you went to play for Alabama you might actually need a positive handicap, whereas a program that's just starting up might take anyone willing to try out and break 90.


For semi-pro you have to be good. You're going to need a positive handicap for certain if you expect to keep up with even the bottom half of the field. If you look at the mini-tour scores, you find them to be a lot lower than those on the PGA Tour due to slightly easier conditions. As an example the top scorer on the Adams Golf mini-tour had an average of 66.5 whereas the best PGA pro averaged 68.343 with an overall average of 71.190. Scores go low in those events and if you can't get to at least five under once in a tournament you won't place in the top 10 and might not make the cut depending on the event.

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if you're looking to go pro. worst you can be is 2 handicap. at least for the golden state tour

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