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CaddyTek Push Cart

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So im 29 years old and in good shape, love to run etc. But when it comes to golf I have always been somewhat lazy and always wanted to ride a cart rather than walk...BUT after what was probably my 10th or so round at my local club playing with a few guys in their early-mid 60s who were walking while I was riding...I decided I need to save myself the embarassment and start walking my rounds, at least at this particular course / club. I really do feel silly riding around in a cart when there is 3 other guys, walking...I dont mean this in a rude way but especially when they are twice my age! 


Anyways, so I just purchased this push cart:



Im excited to get it next week.


Any thoughts on this product or any other push carts?

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I've used the Bag Boy 180 for the last few years. Well built and easy to push. But it is a bit heavy and bulky to load and unload from a car trunk
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