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John Daly...on the charge?

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Seems long John Daly is doing well at the moment, shooting 5 under today in Qatar (and being competitive in Dubai last week). What a pity this guy isnt consistent eh. Oh what could have been? :)


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Oh wow, didn't realize Qatar was starting today. Well done Daly. For anyone else that doesn't know...Qatar has a nice field including


Ernie Els, Henrik Stenson, Jason Dufner, Martin Kaymer, Miguel Jimenez, and Sergio Garcia...just to name a few.

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Daly got off to a roaring start with three birdies and I think he only had one bogey all day long and on the 18th he chipped in to take him to 5 under. The thing is...I reckon he was his generations Duffner with his lack of reaction to the chip in :)





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JD shoots 69 on day 2 in Doha, in the clubhouse 3 behind the leader.  But half the field yet to tee off on 1, so hold the applause.  

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If Daly continues to royally eff up the weekend like he's been doing than I suggest he step back and take a look and try and figure out what's going on (he's probably already trying). I swear he's always contending going into the weekend and than he just falls of completely. Does he just end up getting exhausted?

Either way I'm still glad he's playing well and making cuts. 

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Looks like Jimenez is going to miss the cut. :-(

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As long as he keeps getting sponsors invites we will be seeing this guy playing golf for a few more years yet :)

Lets hope he still has it within him to win!


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Good luck to him, he's always been a somewhat mercurial but entertaining golfer to watch.


Hope he keeps it together over the next few years and ends up on the Champions' Tour a few years from now. Heck, they should just stick him in the Hall of Fame to make sure of it. After all, he has one more major than Couples and two more than Monty.

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Doha update. The UN of flags at this tourney with fewer than 10 USA guys and Daly the best of them at -8, with leader at -13.  Uihlein at -5, Dufner -3.    Jimenez MC. Watching the TV on this and see many very large players, matching Daly in gut size. But the leader Cabrera-Bello has arms like Rambo and looks mighty fit.  

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He came in T77 in Hawaii. Last season he was recouping from shoulder surgery, so hopefully his mechanics are working well and he can just keep making cuts. I think that is the goal this season, make cuts and make progress. Daly is a bit of an enigma...success, talent, and squandered talent. Well, squandered in that he only has 5 career wins (two of them majors), 34 top 10's out of 495 tournament since 1987 ($10M in career earnings...yes, I have the PGA app on my phone).

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Poor John is dead.  Shot 77 the 3rd day.  His posted stats are hard to believe.  NO fairways hit in 3 rounds. NO GIR for 3 rounds.  47/54 scrambles.


 Leader at minus 12, and Sergio at minus 9, so he is the most experienced player near the top. 

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Yeah, bit of a pity that...I was following him this morning and after 9 holes he was still even par. Must have had a horror back 9 eh?

But are you sure those stats are right? Is it possible to get to 8 under (after 2 rounds) and have not hit and FIRs or GIRs?


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Originally Posted by joekelly View Post

Leader at minus 12, and Sergio at minus 9, so he is the most experienced player near the top. 


Apart from the guy at -10 who has won 8 times on tour including a major and turned pro when Sergio was 6.

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And would that be Carlsson, Coetzee, Lawrie, Ilonen, or Zanotti?  Are we looking at the same leaderboard?


And those stats for Daly are as  posted on the Eu PGA tour website.  I fully agree they seem incredible.

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Ole John fell down the leader board, he is now at -3.

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I think there is something seriously wrong with those stats as he had 6 birdies and a bogey in that first round. To have not hit any GIRs and be 5 under is impossible no? I only mention this because pretty much the only time you saw him on tv was when he did something awesome, like chipping in on the 18th to take him to five under???


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And the leaders are set to tee off shortly. (Sergio just teed off)

I fancy Mikko Ilonen to finish strongly (pun intended, he's from Finland) :)

My mate who only backs one golfer per tour per week has his money on Cabrera Bello this week... After having a 100/1 winner last week.
I may be getting a tip from him next week if his form continues :)

Anyway, it's Mikko for me, a good young European golfer and I wouldn't write him out of a Ryder Cup place.
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He's not making me look silly just yet!
Ilonen -4 through 10 to lead the field along side Sergio.

It doesn't feel right having a final day on a Saturday
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