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Shopping for golf stuff.

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Hi All,


I hope some members may be able to advise me. I travelling to the US from Ireland for holidays in July. I hoping to do a bit of shopping for some golf stuff while I'm there as things are so much more expensive here at home. I specifically looking at clothing, shoes, etc. I won't be buying clubs this trip. 


Are there any discount shopping outlets that are specifically Golf or have golf departments at least. Or failing that can you recommend and good shops in the areas I'm visiting. I will be visiting, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis and Nashville.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks you in advance,


Co Clare,


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Wow, friend--you're going to be in for a bit of a shock tvaveling to So. Louisiana in July.  It's going to be HOT and HUMID!  You'll definitely need to get some synthetic moisture-wicking gear if you're planning to play any golf down there in the Summer.  No woolies in that neck of the woods.


Welcome to TST and thanks for posting.  As for shopping, any major sports retailer (Dicks, Sports Authority, etc.) has a large golf section with apparel.  There are also huge golf chain outlets in every major city--Golfsmith, Roger Dunn, Golf Galaxy, etc.  Other than that most folks over here find the best deals the same as you do:  on the internet.  If international shipping from an online retailer like TGW is prohibitive, you can always order your stuff four or five days before you fly and have it shipped to your hotel--just call the hotel in advance so they'll know what to do.


Personally, whenever I make a golf trip I like to buy a logo shirt or pullover from the courses I play as a souvenir.  It's more expensive that way, but every time I put on that shirt I remember a great golf trip.  It's better than taking a hundred pictures that you never look at again.

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I am not certain about the cost of shipping golf balls from the US to Ireland or how much weight you can spare in your luggage, but the golf balls manufactured by Dicks Sporting Goods (Top-Flite/Maxfli) are inexpensive since you are buying directly from the manufacturer.  2 dozen 2014 Gamers for $30, 2 Dozen Gamer Tours for $35, or 1 dozen Maxfli U/3 for $24.95 are prices that are hard to beat when compared to similar balls form other manufacturers.  Golf Galaxy is owned by Dicks so they carry Top-Flite and Maxfli balls also.  There is a Dicks in New Orleans and probably other areas you are visiting.


Bring your sunscreen, drink plenty of water before and during the round, take a ride on cart even if you do not normally, and you will be fine.


Have a great trip and let us know how you do!

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Apologies for the delayed response, I had internet issues which kept me off line. Thanks for the help. I'm not sure how much golf I'll get to play as the schedule is pretty busy. Mostly looking to buy apparel as the cost is a lot higher here and not to mention the favourable exchange rate. Unfortunately there will have to be a big emphasis on wet weather gear as we play a lot in wet conditions. We can have quite wet summers sometimes.....but the show must go on I suppose.......Will be looking for both warm winter gear and light waterproof stuff for slightly warmer wet periods.


Anyway thanks again for the help,

I'll let you know how I get on.



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Keep in mind that several of the chain stores also have a free preferred customer card that could add up to some good deals. Hit the big shops with an online sale and see if they have a retail storefront where you're going and click the pick up in store option. If something ordered online doesn't fit then you might be able to exchange it right where you pick it up at.

Just a few thoughts.
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