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Know almost nothing about clubs, help?

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So I'm totally new to golf, litteraly clueless. Recently started playing pitch and putt and liking it a lot more than I thought I would and want to start heading over to driving ranges to practice actually hitting the ball straight, so soon I can maybe start playing on some proper courses. Been looking to get a set of cheap golf clubs just use while I see if I carry on enjoying it and want to carry on playing, but don't want to spend much, just a cheap set will do to start me out. But like I said I don't know anything about clubs, here are the couple of sets that I'm considering buying as they are close and I can pick them up. I know they are probably really bad from what nearly all of you play with but they will do me for now. Just want to know which set looks like the best to buy as I know nothing. Thanks!! :)







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Welcome aboard Ben. If I were in your place, and knew what I know now, I would go to a PGA pro and set up a couple of lessons. He/she could then recommend some clubs for you choose from, instead of diving in blind so to speak. It may cost you a tad more upfront, but I believe you'll be better off in the long run. Getting lessons will start you out on the right path, instead of developing bad habits that you will at some point have to try and break, easier to learn the correct way from the get go. Golf is hard enough w/o having to re-learn a swing. just my 3 cents. Good luck, and again, welcome to TST.  

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Just In case you can't use the links.


SET 1: £25

Drivers: 1 wood, 3 wood, with head covers 

Irons: 5 to 9, plus pitching wedge and sand wedge 

1 Dunlop putter 

2 x UT hybrid clubs with head covers 

Stand bag and trolley 


SET 2: £20

Tourbilt Powerbilt Golf Clubs 

3 to 9 Irons, PW, SW 
1, 3 & 5 Woods 


SET 3: £25


No Description

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I would take the advice of @Hammer 4. As he said, lessons would be a fantastic start and if you get to know your local pro he may well give a fantastic deal on a set of used clubs. Something 5 years old or so but they would be much better than the sets listed in your post.


But if you want to go with one of those sets i would suggest the first one.




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I too would suggest following Hammer4's sage advice.  Money spent on lessons is almost always better than money spent on clubs.  And once you develop some rapport with the pro they can likely guide you on club selection.


Of the three sets, I like the third because it includes a 3 and 5 fairway "wood".  When you are getting started, you might be well served to take the driver out of the bag and tee off with the 3 and then stick to the 5 for long fairway shots.  If you watch the pro tour events you will regularly see them use a 3 off the tee for those tricky tight shots where control is needed.  I suggest using the 5 from the fairway because many people that have played for years have difficulty hitting the 3 off the grass.


Old sayings get to be old because they prove themselves again and again over time.  One of my favorite old sayings is that you get what you pay for, even in golf equipment.  After you've had a couple of lessons and have gotten some recommendations from your pro you might be well served to shop around for some used clubs.  Older Ping G series irons, for example, sell pretty cheap and are a good choice and value for a beginner.

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Hammer4 + FooFader have the right idea on leading with lessons, and asking pro for help on club selection.


PirateJim gives good advice on starting with 3W off the tee, 5W off fairway. (Leave driver at home in early going - it's a hard club for beginners to hit.)

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And @Ben94 please do let us know how you get on and what you decide to do. Looking forward to hearing your progress a1_smile.gif
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