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How do i compare?

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Hello, I am 15 years old, sophomore in high school and still relatively new to golf, played only a few times a year from ages 10-13, started to play lots last year.  i decided to go out for my high school team, and made it, and have played a varsity match and have done well in JV.  I shot 86 today, (45 front 41 back) which was my best 18 hole performance, and the 41 on the back being my best 9 hole round ever.  This score is a HUGE improvement from last year, where i would be quite pleased to break 100.  My questions are, how do i compare to others my age? And what is that next step that i should take, as i am showing rapid improvement, if i want any future in this game beyond high school (i know, a practice round 86 isnt anywhere close to college golf or anything).  Note: i have also signed up to play on the Junior PGA tour for my state this summer

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What state do you live in? Makes a big difference even at the high school level because there are a lot more really good players in areas with longer golf seasons.

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Welcome to the site!!!


As for how you compare. If you were at my highschool when I played, you would barely make the JV team. At other highschools the standards can vary greatly. At the school I went to, the coach required breaking 90 to even make the JV team. Our Varsity team had guys who shot single digit to about 12 handicap. 


Like I said, it varies depending on the school. I went to a private catholic highschool, so the money was their to support a very good golf team. 


As for college, same thing. A small school wont have nearly as many good players as a big time schools. I think Ohio State required a max handicap of 2 to even try out. 


If you want major improvement then its primarily having a purpose driven approach to the golf game. If this is something you want to go at this then you'll probably want to find a good instructor and take lessons on a regular basis to improve your game. Nothing beats in person instruction from a good instructor. 


If you want online instruction, Evolver is a great tool, and you will get instruction from some very knowledgeable instructors. 


Also this site it self has some great information on helping your game, especially information on a more technical level. 

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SavvySwede--- I live in connecticut so the golf season is not too long, usually march to late november

saevel25--- Yes, lessons sound like a good idea.  I have been pretty self taught to this point, but my dad also enjoys to play golf so he is very interested in my recent improvements, and has already lined up lessons with a reputable pga professional starting soon.  I am very committed to golf, i play every day assuming clement weather.  Thanks for giving me the true reality of where i need to be to have a future in this game, and not sugarcoating it.

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