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callaway x-hot irons

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Im thinking about grabbing a set and was just wondering what the difference was between the x-hot, x-hot pro, and the x-hot N14. Why is the N14 set $100 cheaper? 

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I play with a lot of the xHot products throughout the bag and I am very pleased with them.  The Irons deliver good control and nice power.  No complaints really.  The default true temper speed shafts are lightweight but still hefty enough to keep the face square.  The X-hots are a really nice set of clubs.  I play a alot, and they've held up very well (woods too) under the beating.  They still look nice and have had no problems despite 100 degree Louisiana sun baking the paint and using them alot.  They look a bit worn but still closer to new than used. I have zero complaints.  I also really like the way the irons look at address, inspiring alot of confidence.  The long irons especially I've found really solid.


The n14 came out after the original xhots and it has a lot fewer options.  The woods are made from a different material.  Beyond that, not sure.


I don't think you can go wrong with a fitted set of xhot irons and hybrids.  Just IMO, of course.

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