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I guess I did things backward. I'll try to start over.

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Typically, I jumped in with both feet after I signed up, and didn't give due regard to familiarizing myself with the site first. It's just that I saw something which stirred passion...I couldn't help it :blink:. I should have given the owner the courtesy of reading his intro material though, so shame on me. It's pretty neat for someone to go through all the headaches involved in running such a site, and the least courtesy newcomers can offer is to read the guidelines. I apologize for being rude.

So hello everyone. This appears to be a great site for discussing the golf swing, which is my passion. I'm a swing junkie. I do have views which will be controversial, and which will challenge the accepted norms. I don't shy away from that. If that is a problem, I will not be accepted here. We'll see how it goes. I would hope that I can make some friends along the way. If at any time the owners would rather I not post here, I would appreciate the courtesy of being told straight up, and I'll leave. I'm trying to learn tact when expressing my views. I'm sure to fail on occasion, but I am trying.

I'm on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, on the Gulf coast of Alabama; born and grew up in Pensacola Fl. I'm 65 yrs of age. I have been developing a particular swing for many years which I call "Pure and Simple Golf Swing". The results I have been getting lately tell me I am on the right track. "My Swing" was posted prematurely, I think as an attempt to keep me out of a train wreck on another thread.:~(I'm fine that it is posted however. It's already created quite a lively discussion. I'm here in part to test my theories and findings against your critique. So bring it on!

I'm not trying to sell anything. I have no plans but to continue developing this swing, and record the whats and whys on youtube. Will I ever try to sell something? If a book is feasible one day, I'll sell it. On the web, I plan to freely give it all. That's my thinking at present. I primarily want to get it organized in legible fashion before I die. If I continue to get similar results (and document them for proof), I will know that I have something of value to contribute to this alluring game of golf.


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Hello Joe. Welcome to TST.
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Welcome Joe.
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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post

Hello Joe. Welcome to TST.

Thanks EJ...that was my uncles name. Just "EJ". It didn't stand for anything.

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Welcome to the site!

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Noble goals! I admire your passion. There are a lot of similarly passionate members here. I hope everyone manages to keep an open mind and the flames of passion at a civil level :)
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Its the internet.. does anybody ever follow their plan or the rules? All the information just jumps out at ya and bamm your excited and all over the place lol
I will be interested to see some posts
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