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Different wood

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Is it a bad idea to have different wood brands on my bag?
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Why would it matter? I play a Titleist driver and a Callaway 4 wood. As long as you're comfortable hitting them and your distance gaps are good, have as many brands as you want. Just as long as your sponsors are cool with it :)
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A driver and a couple of FWs from the same model line, or sometimes the same general family, would tend to line up the same at address.


My current problem: My driver sets up with my hands in front of the clubhead, whereas my FW and hybrids line up pretty much straight into the clubhead. Driver is Callaway, FWs are Tour Edge Exotics XRails, and hybrids are Adams V4. I have days when I hit the driver but not the others, or the others but not the driver. I probably will seek driver which allows me a straight-in hand position at address. (Funny, my HyperX Tour driver from 2008 fits this bill, but it's older and heavier than "modern" drivers.)


If you're a better player, or you like to try and compare different club models, you may get benefit from mix and match with the long clubs. For mid-HDCP players, there's benefits to having all the long clubs look the same at address.


Posted by golfnoob13:
 Is it a bad idea to have different wood brands on my bag?


Read my three paragraphs above, and then go with what works.

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Having different brands means nothing unless your getting paid by one brand to use all of their equipment. If you find a Taylormade driver and a Cobra 3 wood works better for you than going only Taylormade, more power to you. Its all about what each club does for you, not what its called or who makes it. Even though my Driver and 3-wood are both Cobra, they are different models, and that's fine too. Find what works for you and stick to it.

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