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Does anyone know anything about golflogix gps device. At Amazon it is $169.99. Garmin does the gps so I thought it should work good.
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Golflogix is a great GPS but just be aware the prices are dropping on existing ones because they have a new model coming out in March called GPS-8. The old one is fine, it just has a few less features so the price is much better then it was in the past. It was $350 all through 2007. I bailed out on buying the current model back in December because I kind of figured they'd do something new for 2008 and I wanted some of the new features of the GPS-8. Here's the press release on the newer GPS-8.

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Re: gps

I own an iGolf Caddie II and have used a skycaddie SG4. Some people don't like the golflogix because they don't allow any self mapping, and you have to use what they give you. They may give center of bunker, but it is 30 yards long and you want carry distance. They also might not have a point mapped that you would want mapped. You also must have a subscription every year since the unit doesn't hold courses, and you can't save them to the computer. iGolf has a model for $150, called the Neo, and I would think it is better for the price.
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