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How to lengthen a shaft

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Before I attempt to shorten my shaft by approx 1 1/2 " can anyone tell me how to revert to the original length if the new setup didn't work out. I know I can take the shaft to a pro shop to have it done but I prefer the messing around myself and seeing what works. So will it be possible to replace the original piece assuming I cut it off cleanly with a pipe cutter say, or is there any other way to add length like inserting a dowel in the grip end under the grip??

Also, is there any way to get a grip off without having to cut it off? It was put on with double sided tape. Cheers ... J
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Re: How to lengthen a shaft

What club are you trying to shorten? Driver?

1 1/2" seems like a lot.

You can get shaft extenders through golfsmith or other internet sellers, there are some universal but you will fit them best if you know the butt diameter of the shaft.

You can epoxy them in place, then you trim them to length, they are usually around 3" or so.

You can sometimes blow or pop off a grip with an air compressor and a small fitting that would fit in the hole at the end.

I would shorten only 1/2" or so at first and see how you like it, a little sometimes goes a long way.

The charecteritics of the shaft will change when you shorten it, and if you go back to the original length...an extended shaft will not be the same as the original, iv'e read it is only 90 to 95% of the original's "power"
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Re: How to lengthen a shaft

I think if you're going to make such a radical change, you should have a local clubmaker to either make you a short club or cut one down and see if it is really such a good idea before you work on your set. To cut one down cheaply, find some older irons -- the demo bin or the lost clubs bin -- nothing too expensive -- and work on those first. See if they really are significantly better 1 1/2" shorter. Cutting them down that much, you're going to have to re-weight the heads to being the feel back. You're probably going to have to add several g of lead tape to the heads to bring the swing weight back to where it was, and maybe to re-loosen up the flex of the shaft (the shorter shaft will stiffen up from what it was at and a greater head weight will loosen it).

Other issues will come up, too. Changing that much length probably means the lie will need to be adjusted as well.

As three putt said, you can get shaft extenders put back on, but 1 1/2" is a lot. Shaft extenders are usually best if you only wanted an extra 1/2 to maybe an inch. I think before you perform such a large change on your irons, test it out to make sure that that is what you want.
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Re: How to lengthen a shaft

To take a grip off easily, Golfsmith has an inexpensive tool you can get. It's almost like a metal hangar. You just slip the end under the grip, put some grip solvent in between, and work the tool down and around until it slides off. If you do a lot of work on clubs this is a must have item.
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Re: How to lengthen a shaft

Go to your local course and hit balls off of a fitting plate, where they put the tape on the bottom of your club to see how you hit it, this will make it so you can cut it to the right length if you want to go that radical.
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Re: How to lengthen a shaft

Do not cut graphite shafts with a pipe cutter typically used for metal shafts. High speed cutters work well when the shaft is covered with tape around the cut area and marked. A graphite shaft can splinter when cut wrong.

Make sure to clean the inside of the retained grips well. With the golfsmith grip extractor and pro grip solution, the original tape (if tape was used) can get stuck or even compacted into the inside of the grip. Grips in very bad condition or the original Golf Pride Victory grips (or copys) can get damaged easily during extraction.

Taking a 46''+ driver down to 44.5'' would put it at the length most pros use, from what I hear. 46 to 42 inches in driver length changes make less difference in distance than in the consistency of the club. The shorter (43.5'' to 42.5'') shafts give excellent consistency with a relatively small loss in distance in my experience.

The flex and feel of the shaft will be altered along with the swingweight. If the club's trajectory is already low, the ball may not leave the ground. Do not forget to measure beforehand and restore the clubs' actual swingweight, grip diameter, etc. Measure the shaft length according to the way the USGA or R&A specifies. There are a great deal of factors to consider when changing a club (or even building one new) if you want things just right. Do not assume that the clubmaker will know or wish to do things in the best way. A few measurements to a professionally changed club can prove a great deal about the skill and honesty of the worker.
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