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Quick Round at Home

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During the day today, I was thinking about what I could do to improve the swing, particularly the long clubs.  I thought about recent videos and that I feel a little crunched at impact.  I know i need better extension at impact.  So, I tried putting the ball further away from me with my longer clubs, with exception to the 3W.  I wanted to not stretch for the ball, but feel further away than before.  My mid irons I didn't move quite as much and the low irons and wedges I didn't move at all.

I decided to play the blue tees (6650yds, 73.3, 143) because it would best represent the distances I would play at Sahalee.  Right off the bat, I used my driving iron on hole 1 and it went right down the pipe.  I hit it slightly high on the club face.  But other than that, it was good, made par here!  2 hole was a boring par. 3 hole hit 3W off tee, then my approach landed 5ft away from pin for a easy birdie (this hole by the way is one of my least favorite holes, so it was cool to birdie it).  4 got up and down for par. 5 was the first hole to use the driver, and I hooked the ball into the hazard.  I realized that I couldn't choke up like I would normally do. I had to grip normally (which I very rarely do).  I hit 3 to 100yds out, 4 to 5ft from pin, and sunk par putt.  Easy enough... 6 boring par.  7 is a downhill par 3 at 170 that I hit a easy 8iron to 3ft away.  Easy birdie.  8 I hit driver again this time with a normal grip, and it was still slightly pulled but just barely.  Still a great hit, made par.  9 is a uphill par 5, hit driver perfect down the left side with an easy draw.  Hit 2 up short right of the green, 3 pitched it 1ft away.  Easy birdie.  I've never had a 33 on the front from the blues, so I was pretty excited with what I'm doing.  10 boring par.  11 I hit driver again, and this hole needs an accurate drive.  It is only 315 or so uphill to the green, but there's trouble.  I hit a perfect drive again down the left side.  20yds out and I hit the pitch thin, easy par, but should've been birdie.  Oh well.  12 perfect driver again down the middle on a par 5, 2 up to 106 out, 3 somehow went over the green, but I got up and down for par.  13 I hooked the driver, hit the ball way off the toe and was just a miss hit.  Didn't hurt though, still had 110 out from the rough, which I put to 5ft, easy birdie.  14 was my only bogey for the day.  It was 300 down hill to reach the hazard, which I managed to do with driver.  3 hit right of the green, 4 onto the green and 2 putted.  15 is a long par 3 downhill but into the wind.  I hit my 4 iron well, but just a little right, so hit the bunker.  But I hit a good shot to 4 ft, easy par. 16 I hit driver, and actually pushed it about 5-10yds right of the line but stayed straight, so wasnt a horrible miss, had 50 out and put the shot to 5ft short of the pin, easy birdie.  17 long par 3 into the wind, hit 6iron right, but on the green.  Boring par.  18 had to hit a fade with the driver, which I did, but it stayed straighter than I hoped.  It was still in the fairway though, had 150 to pin, and made a boring par.  So, all in all, got 5 birdies and 1 bogey for a 68! Lowest round from the blues this summer!

Based on today's round, I'm going to try and play the same tomorrow and see if moving a bit further away from the ball really does help.  It feels a lot better at impact certainly, so I have high hopes.

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ufta.... didn't follow through too well, unfortunately.  This course is beyond brutal for missing the fairway. To make it worse, this course is the only course I've ever played that will punish you for hitting the wrong side of the fairway!  They have several holes that have massive trees that cut out and block the green from certain approach angles.  I can count many times that I was in the fairway but a tree still blocked my view of half the green or more.  I won't say it's unfair, because I loved the challenge it presented and I'd played it again any day.  But it's a lot tougher than a paper can say.  It's also a course that supremely fits the definition of, having to play it first to know where to hit the ball.  But,the winner shot a 64 on the first day and something similar the next day, so it is a course that you can certainly score on.  BUT, you have to know the course well first, which I didn't at all.

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Well, you learned (or re-learned) the lesson that one really needs to play a course to understand the angles, how the ball reacts, etc...  I know I and my fellow amateurs are often guilty of looking at a course on paper and over estimating our ability and/or under estimating how the course will play.

Even though you did not play at the level you hoped, you did get to play a pretty awesome course.

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I definitely over estimated, but I'm also re-learning how to play in tournaments again.  In high school, I played in tournaments or matches daily but its been a while since I last played in lots of events consistently.  Back then, I loved the pressure and hitting a certain shot when the time came.  Now, Im shaking in my boots over an easy bunker shot... I feel stupid after the fact.  But it just takes getting used to again. 

I have several things to work on, but it'll come along as I play in more events.  Just got to learn to trust myself again.

I have a couple matches coming up in winter time and Chambers Bay is giving us a good deal to play there.  So, I still have a few awesome courses with events coming up.

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