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Pro-Am tourney

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After coming off of my men's league 31, I was excited to go to this championship course (Tumble Creek Golf Club) to see if I can continue the streak of good play.  As we were driving into the course, the first thing to notice was high winds.  It was very windy.  One of my guys had his ball roll away on the green before he set up.  The ball was almost always oscillating when on the green when the gust came through.  So, on the range, my plan was to practice some lower flighted shots to play for the day.  The warm-up went well.  I hit the shots I wanted to.  I then chipped a bit and boy these greens are very quick.  13ish on the scale if not faster I'd guess.  Greens also weren't catching spin as well as I'd like.  So it was a lot of bump n runs and hope the ball stops where I want.

First hole (we started back 9 first), was directly into the wind at 400yds.  I hit a nice cut with my driver down the middle. So it was a great start.  As the day went on I was hitting good shots but my short game, as I thought it would, was not keeping up.  I had multiple opportunities for birdie that I couldn't capitalize on.  It was a combination of mis-reads and being too tentative with the putts.  I typically like to go 18in past the cup if i was to miss, but I was barely getting the ball to the hole.  Tap in pars are fine except when you know you need birdies to make up for the mistakes that may come later.  But, I kept hitting good tee shots.  Approaches were difficult to judge with the wind, so I had a few shots go too long when I was down wind.  When I was into the wind, I actually judged the distance pretty well overall.

A few highlight drives.  One downhill, downwind tee shot went about 350yds on a par 5.  My approach from 220 hit short, which is what i wanted so as i didn't go over the green.  But as was the case that day, I couldn't get up and down for birdie, so I had to make do with par.  I had a few other drives carry 310yds uphill downwind, one rolled out another 30 yds, the other rolled maybe 10yds because it went more uphill.  The one that rolled another 30yds left me 10ft short of the green, and of course as the day was, I couldn't get up and down for birdie, got the tap in par.  The other was a par 5, I hit my 2nd shot to just short of the green, and finally I had a good enough chip to leave me a foot away for a tap in birdie.  
Going into my 17th hole (#8), was a shorter par 5 but directly into the wind.  Maybe I was getting tired or I just wasn't focused, but I sliced it straight out to the right, so I re-teed 2 more times before I hit got one in play.  I did end up finding that second tee shot, so I finished with a double bogey on the hole.  The next hole i sliced again, but found it too and finished with a bogey.  So, not a great finish and i left some birdies out there, but I still finished with a 78 which gave me 2nd place net, T-10th gross.  First place gross was 73, so it really was a very tough day for the whole field (usually there's a guy with a 66 or 67 in these things). I'm pleased with how I hit the ball overall, I just need to work a bit on short game with these really fast greens.

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