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My journey continued...

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I have for the last few years slowly gotten better. I still have bad days. I want to walk of the course those days. However, I seem to be making measurable progress.

As a lot of you know, I tend to switch equipment a lot, always trying to find that "perfect golf club" as Tom Wishon would call it. For 2 years, I played Tour Edge Exotics EXi irons, which are a game-improvement iron, that is gear a little toward better players. They honestly are great irons, think of them as a cross between a non-forged AP2 and a TM iron with a speed slot. They really are nice.

I lost my Game Golf belt unit two years ago during the club championship. So I just simply stopped using Game Golf. So my distances on there really aren't up to date. Since taking a few lessons over the winter, and using GC2 to track, the differences are amazing, I'm a full club longer with my irons, I'm actually hitting a draw, and I am really looking forward to this golf season.

After my second lesson, Craig (my instructor) asked me if I would ever consider playing a blade iron. I said, I've always wanted to, however, I think my strikes are too erratic to try it. So we grabbed my 6-iron and some impact tape and we looked after 10 shots, and said... those ten shots are in a small enough area that I could play blades. One thing led to another and I am currently playing the new Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blades (I have a picture in my Tossing Around Set make-up ideas for 2018). I have only hit my foam balls with them, but I am excited to take them out to the range. (I did demo the 7-iron with the shaft I'm currently playing).

Quite honestly, my game is headed in the right direction... The main areas I need to clean up to be honest, is missing the green from 75 yards and in, better Game Planning, and continue my practice plan. Things are starting to get better, I'll work on the wedge thing when the season is in full swing...

One more bright spot, I'm only 24 days from one year in the practice challenge... I really hope to get to 1 year, that was my goal when I hit 6 months in a row, I wrote it down in my notebook, One Full Year of practicing five minutes everyday, and posting about it...

Thanks to all the golfers who make The Sand Trap what it is.

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