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New Golf Studio in Staten Island, New York

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I don't shill often, but will shill for my current instructor's new studio, will let the video speak for itself. I think it will officially open in a week or two. Roomy bays and Flightscope. Will post photos when I take next lesson.


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It's a great space with lots of Flightscopes, I'm an hour away, if it were closer, would be here all the time. If you are in Staten Island or Brooklyn or nearby Jersey, great place to practice and/or learn. Really good pizza right around the corner.


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    • I have recently started scoring better. And learned to play “boring” or low-event golf.    My question is, would you recommend someone to play low-event golf? I know in LSW you and Dave talk about shot zones and playing for the center of green and such. But how to you do that when you’re fighting a one-way miss?
    • Working on my hip rotation to ensure I dont get a reverse spine tilt during my back swing. Will be doing some Yoga as well to work on my general flexibility. 
    • A swing video would help us see how flexible you really are in your swing. Although 140 yards with a 7i is pretty good imo.
    • I’ll give you a little inside information. The ZX series of irons, woods, hybrids, and utilities will be released in the US in January 2021. (You may be able to procure a set from Europe prior to then, but I don’t really want to pay an import fee). First welcome to TST. Secondly what exactly are you looking for when it comes to ball-flight. I play C-Taper 125S in my irons to try to bring my ball flight down, but I still have 110 foot peak height, who would have thunk it. Here’s an out of the box suggestion that might help your decision, see if you can find a 7-iron 785 head on EBay (I’m not sure you can but it’s worth a shot), or buy 2 identical Maltby TE Forged 7-irons, if they have Project X get one with 6.5 hard-stepped and one with 7.0 soft-stepped. Go to the range and see if you notice a difference. Most importantly. It’s probably not that big of a deal at our handicap level. We can shoot 85 about as easily as we can shoot 70. Sharpen your tools and learn to play boring golf. It’ll change the way you play the game.
    • Recently I have been doing something I haven’t done in a while. Avoiding blow-up rounds. I have been playing the kind of golf I’ve wanted to always play. Boring. Pedestrian. Stay out of the shit, call the zoo kind of rounds. Ho-hum kind of golf. The last round I shot in the 80s was in August and that was an 81. My last five rounds have been 73, 76, 78, 73, 71. The last one was pretty boring. I had back to back bogeys on the 2nd and 3rd holes, then birdied the 5th and 6th (pedestrian birdie at 5, 2 putt at the par 5 after a 3-wood on the green straight into the fan from 235 yards) Nearly drove the 395-yard 6th (relax it was straight downwind and as the crow flies its only 340), got up and down for birdie. Then made 12 boring pars in a row for an even-par 71. 12 GIR, 18 nGiR, putted average. I guess I’ve learned how to be that boring golfer. I’ve been fighting a bit of a hook, so I said, “The hell with it, it’s what I’ve got. I’ll just adjust my target accordingly”. I guess having a one-way miss is a good problem to have.
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