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Confessions of a "Carry Snob"



For 60 years, when I walked, I carried my golf bag. Initially, there were no such thing as a “pushcart.” One either carried or one pulled a 3-wheel cart. I owned a 3-wheeler, but I rarely used it. I felt I could get around the course a lot faster walking across greens and taking short cuts through the heather or woodlands. I was a “carry snob.” No cart for this guy, I was a real player, I carried my bag.

As I aged, it became more important to have a light load. My stand bags always had “hyper light” or a similar phrase as part of the bag’s model name. Before a round I would analyze a worst-case scenario for lost balls. If I was playing a 1-2 ball course, I might carry 6 balls. A tougher course might see me go to 8 or 10. If the club had drinking water available on the course, I would leave my water bottle half full. An umbrella was carried only if the forecast had rain as a certainty. It was like preparing for an Apollo space mission, not one extra ounce of weight was allowed.

Then I began to see fellow players pushing 3 and 4-wheel carts around the course. I was certain carrying was the faster method and involved less walking. Everyone with a pushcart uniformly stated that pushing was soooooo much easier than carrying. I dug my heels in and kept on carrying. Afterall, I was a “carry snob.”

Last winter I played a couple of walking rounds in January. I began to get muscle spasms in the back of my thighs. At the end of a round, it was uncomfortable walking. I had experienced some back issues over the prior decade, including a bout with sciatica that required a month of physical therapy. Hmmm, maybe walking 5 miles with an extra 25-30 pounds sitting on my back was causing some of the problems. You think?

I took to the internet and bought a 3-wheel pushcart in mid-January. When it arrived, assembly was easy. The unfolding/folding was much simpler than my old pull cart. The folded cart was very compact. It also weighed about ½ of the older pull cart. My internal “carry snob” was screaming “traitor” at me but I needed some relief from my pain.

On January 17, 2023, I debuted my new pushcart. Setup was easy and off I went. It was a bit hard to push and there was a clicking sound. Hmmm, I thought maybe there was something stuck in the wheel or axel. No, dummy, you have the brake on. After disengaging the brake, the round went smoothly. No more leg pain and I was no longer tired coming up 18. I was fully converted.

My days of being a “carry snob” are over. I have seen the error of my ways. A nice lightweight, compact 3-wheel pushcart is perfect. No more carrying for this guy. Oh, and another thing, what is with those players with 4-wheel pushcarts? Are they grocery shopping? They look so silly. 3-wheel pushcarts are the only way to play golf.


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Pushing is so passé. The only pushing I do with my cart these days is the button on the remote to make it go. That is of course unless I forget to charge the unit and runs out of battery in the middle of my round :whistle:


Oh, and another thing, what is with those players with 4-wheel pushcarts? Are they grocery shopping? They look so silly.

I have a 4-wheel cart. It folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of my car. It’s especially important now that I have the Alphard unit, too.

Come to think of it, I spend more time using my pushcart than I do my car, so the obvious solution is to replace the car so I can get a 3-wheeler 😜

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According to some of my friends, 4-wheelers are more stable than 3-wheel carts.  I personally pull a 2-wheel cart behind me.  The reason I got it was vitamin M and so far don't see a need to change yet.  Physically I don't find it that much worse, except when I am pulling uphill.  At that point I would prefer pushing.  However, your hand behind your back and pulling constantly will affect you physically over time.

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Does not matter if you are a Carry-Snob or a Walking-Snob, you are OK in my book.

Oh, and I have nothing against the Ride-Snobs either.  

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    • I guess small positives, and maybe the PGAT adapts some for like th JD Classic or something, but doing that via LIV is throwing away the baby with the bathwater.   Shotgun - It's fine for a limited courses where finishing on 18th wouldn't matter. Imagine bunch of players at TPC Sawgrass finishing at, well, not the 18th, and holes leading up to it.   Big-time tournaments - Maybe you mean big-time players. I appreciate the idea of a world wide tour and need for outreach to more remote places but unless the handful of elite players play year around and all over the map, that's always going to be a challenge.  Holistically, it's hard to shake off this feeling that LIV golf is simply glorified silly season type golf. If it becomes the main circus, then I would count myself out as a serious fan/viewer. No other sport has felt the need to this kind of makeover and they have their own similar laments.  
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    • I saw this and I immediately answered new courses. I keep track of everywhere that I play and I'm always trying to add to it. I'm around 330 different courses played now. Should get another one later this month. So I put down play somewhere new. I still think that's the right answer, but it really depends. If I travel to England for golf, I'm always playing courses I've played before. I don't think I've played a new to me course in England in probably 15 years.  But, I'm not sure that I've played a new course anywhere for quite a while without at least having an idea of what I was getting myself into. I don't get to play all that much, so, within reason, I'd probably choose to play somewhere new even if I don't know vs playing somewhere I've played before. But that's all within reason too. Given the option of playing Pine Valley, which I have played before, and playing a municipal in south Jersey that I haven't played, then PV is getting the nod every day and twice on Sundays. So if it's a choice between a top 10 that I've played before or a not top 1000 I haven't then I'll take the one I've played. If it's two courses that are both top 100 I'll take the new one. 
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