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Most of us have the need to occasionally talk about our accomplishments playing golf. When I have a particularly good round, I like to make a quick post to the “What Did You Shoot” thread. I dedicated a blog post to my triumph at a small golf tournament last year. I understand the need to toot one’s own horn now and then.

On another golf site a member sort of sucked me in recently with a title to his thread of “What’s Better than a 5 Hour Round?” The question sort of intrigued me and I checked it out. It turned out to be a 14.8 index player bragging that he and a buddy (twosome), in a cart, at a private course, played 36 holes in 4 hours and 50 minutes. Not exactly the subject I expected but it got me thinking.

Why do so many golfers feel the need to brag about things that are only tangential to the game of golf? I think the answer in the case of the above player somewhat lies in his play that day. He never mentioned what he shot during his speed golf marathon. No, all he wanted to tell the world was that he played two rounds of golf in an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes. He left out the details of twosome, cart and non-busy course and only revealed those tidbits after some questioning by other forum members. Apparently, he had nothing to brag about from his golf game, so he elevated “time elapsed to play” as the important element of the day.

I see the need to brag about driving distance as another way to allow one to brag about something when one’s score might not be too noteworthy. The game of golf is measured by the score, not how long the best drive of the day went. And that is always assuming the person reporting has accurately measured the shot. Golf forums are filled with discussions of how far one hits their drives. Yes, I am always a bit jealous of the other players who average 270 yards of carry off the tee. Then I remind myself that the point of golf is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes, not to average XXX yards off the tee. Certainly 270 yard drives greatly help in the quest for lower scores, but if the long drives translate into a score that is not worthy of bragging about, what was the point? I notice that truly fine drivers of the ball tend to not talk about how far they hit it or what a huge distance average they have. Most let their score do the talking.

Now, did I mention that in last weekend’s tournament, on a hole with a water penalty area 260 yards away, I almost drove my ball into the junk, but it missed the trouble to the right. What’s that? How did I finish in the tournament? Okay, I lost by 8-strokes, but did I tell you I hit a 270 yard drive???😉


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I try to enjoy the round as it comes. Sometimes the best part of my round is that I played well. Sometimes the best part of the round is that I scored well despite driving poorly. Sometimes it’s that I hit the ball well for my abilities even though I didn’t score well.

Once in a while, the best part of a round of golf is the weather 😃

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Oh yeah, well, I once played 18 holes walking with a buddy in 2:25 and had to wait on the last four holes for a single.

Errr… wait…

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    • There is no requirement for a marker to be a fellow competitor. They are simply a "person responsible for entering a player’s score on the player’s scorecard and for certifying that scorecard."
    • I’ll recount this round more specifically, then answer your question.  1) hit normal, first tee shot, duck hookish drive left of fw. Hit a low, below the trees, 95yd 52 wedge to inside 10ft. Missed the putt.  2) cut drive, still missed ever so slightly left of fw. Put approach to 3ft, made birdie.  3) 2iron to mid fairway, had 130 in and hit pw barely over the green (within 20ft of pin). Hit a putt from the rough as it was straight downhill, made par.  4) par 3, hit front edge of green after a high toe chunk of a tee shot. Couldn’t get up and down. 5) par 5, perfect drive, left with 200 or so in. Missed green to the right but pin high, chipped to a tap in.  6) par 3 missed green short right, chip hit the pin and stopped close.  7) par 5, good drive, had 5iron in, missed slightly right but carried the bunker. 2 putt birdie 8- Good drive, missed fairway, but it’s a short hole and ended short right of green. 65yd pitch to inside 10ft. made the putt.  9) pounded the drive, approach from 45yds ended up inches from the hole. Birdie 10) missed drive right into the trees, punched out, had 105yds in and put my 56 to 4ft and made par. Key par there.  11) par 5, drive missed right of fw but still fine, hit 4iron to inside 20ft, 2 putt birdie.  12) par 3, thought i hit it perfect, bit landed mid green and spun to front. Had a tough uphill putt from 40ft or so. Made par.  13) par 5, good drive but slightly left of fw, hit 2iron to pin high right of green. Chip to 5ft, made the slider for birdie.  14) 315yd par 4, drove green (must have had a lucky kick, I’ve been plugging in front approach all winter), ended within 15ft and made the putt for eagle. 15) cut 2iron down left side fw, tucked right pin so did my normal draw off it to middle of green. Had 25-30ft, made par.  16) par 3, 150yds, tucked right pin again, hit 15-20ft away, made par.  17) hit hooky 2iron, but ok in left rough, had 100yds in slightly downwind, hit my 60 8ft past, made birdie.  18) hit 2iron hard down right but hit trees and kicked, luckily, slightly left back into fairway, had 130yds in and had my 52 to 4ft, made birdie.  That is 7/14 fairways and 14/18 greens. Basically the driver was hit well, and for the most part, not in trouble and leaving short wedges in. From there I hit wedges really well, including many of the chip/pitch distances. When my game is around even par, there’s definitely no putts made and approaches aren’t as close. Mid to upper 60s means better approaches and some putts. Low 60s is good approaches with more putts made. Certainly making birdies on the 4 par 5s is important as well as making virtually no bogies.  I’ve said it before about my game but when my driver is doing good, I’m doing good. If it’s not, I’m not. My full/partial wedges are the best part of my game. Pitching/chipping is getting a ton better. Putting is a lot better but variable depending on conditions. The game just happens to be aligning more the last few months. 
    • Day 50 - Used MirrorVision to watch/film swings, focusing on my impact position.
    • 62 is cool as hell. Damn
    • Great playing! Curious when you say "good approaches" on like 1,2,17,18 that resulted in 3 birdies, what kinds of distances are you hitting for the approach shots and how far are you leaving for your birdie putts?  Maybe a better way to ask is during this great run of golf you've been playing obviously you've been doing a lot of things well, but is there a common theme among the really low rounds that you hadn't had prior to this stretch? Like has it been a case of stuffing everything to 5 feet, making a ton of long putts, not missing a fairway, etc.
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