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My Swing (TigerHHI)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 1 year
My current handicap index or average score is: 12
My typical ball flight is: Pulls with irons, fade/slice with woods/driver
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pulls and Slices or the pop up with driver. Coming into impact with open club face


I have been trying to stop coming over the top for over a year now and working on a lot of different feels to stop this. My focus right now is trying to lay the shaft behind me in transition (shallowing) but it almost always results with a fat shot well behind the ball. I have also tried leaning the shaft forward at address and closing shoulders to set the swing plane more right to stop pulling but this is not bullet proof and just feels weird. I also work on closing the club face sooner in the downswing as I tend to come into impact open but this pulls the shot even more instead of draw it. I tend to take steep big divots and again trying to shallow the angle of attack out but i am at a lost of what in my swing is causing my issues. Sometimes i can really hit the ball well on the range and get that nice draw but I really dont know how to repeat it. Hoping for some priorities to work on from the group as I have so many swing thoughts right now!



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ONLY playing for 1 year with that swing? You have great flexibility, posture, and power. Not sure where that ball ended up, but looks like you smashed it pretty well. 

Struggling with too many swing thoughts? Me too. What helped me was George Gankas. He has a great instagram page for reference and an online program. His method simplifies the backswing and the downswing into two thoughts. 


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    • This is for you, my dear friends.  I am putting this here specifically to refute the demand that I speak more about the word "huh". "The ball may tend to draw a bit more from the forward bending of the shaft at impact causing the face to rotate past square to be slightly closed. However, if the golfer happens to slice or fade the ball, this actually could help reduce such a misdirection tendency. " This quote can be found under the heading: Possible Outcomes When Using a Shaft That Is Too Flexible for Your Swing Explaining the Effect of Wrong Shaft Flex in Golf Clubs What happens when you use golf clubs with the wrong shaft flex? Things that hurt your score. Here are some specific examples of possible problems. I used the words "spring action" while this author used the words "forward bending" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I was going to put some more quotes here.  But I do not feel like it.  The words are there for you to see.  Any implication you read of a claim of advantage comes from your interpretation of my words rather than the words themselves.  I made no such claim.   Bill and Erik, I know you love to remove my stuff, but I ask you to leave this here so I can defend myself against these accusations from lefty.   Do tell, Lefty, because again you attack me for no apparent reason...where are my ignorant words you speak of?
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