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Finally Visited the Flagship NY Store After Remodel


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Have been meaning to get to it, but busy. Was curious what the new mods were. The glass plates outside IIRC were segments of square plates I think, now they're just columns. The elevator is not completely see through, but in a silver cylinder. Now all this could be wrong, my memory is not good, that's all I'm going on.

This is definitely right though. The stairs before the renovation were glass - SLIPPERY. Now they're metal and beveled or whatever, there are notches in it to make it way less slippery. I dunno what this has to do with Apple technology wise, but it is the Apple store. Below is a photo. I took this to compare my iPhone's camera to the new model. I didn't sit down on anything though because there were bedbugs found like a month or two ago and they had to close down. Taking no chances. Not that that would have helped much.



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Kill slow play. Allow walking. Reduce ineffective golf instruction. Use environmentally friendly course maintenance.

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    • What precedent? You keep saying this but you haven’t cited examples of where a rival league won a suit against a major league for anti-trust in the US. Name the sport, the leagues involved and cite the lawsuit. Right now your devils advocacy seems just like arguing for argument sake. But you haven’t provided any concrete facts just your disdain for the PGAT.  
    • We've got LIV vs PGA Tour match play on right now and its getting intense
    • Lol I'm not even going to argue with someone who asks about another's profession as some weird condescending ego stroke. Its incredibly clear that there is prior precedent for sports leagues and anti trust violations in this exact type of situation. The density it takes to be this sure of yourself about the righteousness of the PGA Tour here is incredible. Its not black and white.
    • Day 26: 8/12/2022 I got some really good practice in today. Went to the range. Hit about 50 balls with my 6-iron. (Block Practice) How I did it was 5 balls at a time. Focusing entirely on one of three things.  Five balls focusing on a movement I'm trying to get right with my hips. Slow mo first. A little faster second. Then do it full speed with no ball. Then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on a move I'm trying to get right in my backswing. Again, slow mo, a little faster, full speed no ball, and then full speed with a ball.  The next five balls. Focused on my hand path. Same as above. Slow mo, a little faster, full speed, then hit a ball.  Rinse and repeat.  Then I hit ten balls with the driver. I'm trying to improve my driver consistency. So, what I did was focus on a pre-shot routine and my set up. Tried to hit all 10 into an imaginary fairway.  Then I went over to the putting green and after warming up I did @iacas's "Makeable Putts Game". I scored 13 points... Not sure if that's good or bad. But I know I can do better.  Lastly, since I also want to improve my wedge play, I went over to the short game area and hit 36 different pitch shots from about 20 to about 70 yards. (Random Practice?)  I really wish I had time every day to do the practice I did today. I feel like everything I worked on are important things that can help me improve. 
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