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I'm joining in here and have two things in particular that I may be posting about as we go along.  

1. My return to golf from a TFCC injury in May 2019.  Sidelined from golf since July 2019.  Still rehabbing for now.  

2.  I help run a public league in the Philadelphia area and I'd like to build the membership up some more in 2020.  So I'm reaching out about that.  Details to follow.


Tony McCarthy 




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Here's my TFCC update for anyone who comes along looking for TFCC info.  My injury occurred in May 2019 and I stopped golfing in August 2019.  Right hand, right handed golfer.  There were two tears in the TFCC per MRI and the ECU sheath was stressed as a result.  There was also some general tendonitis in other areas, mostly due to immobilizing the joint for a while (which did not help).  Long story short after months of physical therapy....

I came across another guy in March 2020 with a TFCC injury and he thought my injury was going to improve but I wouldn't be able to golf.  I said that's just going to make me work harder.

After 9 months of no golf, I played my first round on May 1.  That's the same day courses reopened from covid around here.  I was not ready to play before that anyway. I played 13 rounds in May and 15 rounds in June.  I did not spend any time on the practice range.  Aside from warm up swings,  I mostly went to the first tee and took as few swings as possible.  Thats the goal anyway, right? My handicap went up a couple of strokes and I frequently came out of shots and hit thin shots.  But for the most part no setbacks to the injury and the wrist continued to improve as I returned to play.

I continue to stretch and use light weights, therabands and the like.  Thats the most important thing for my case: stick with the PT.

Around late June I probably did overdo it a bit with some range time and found some tendonitis on the palm side.  On the flexor carpal ulnas. (FCU).  Treated that with both ice and heat and after a couple weeks the FCU is feeling better.  Now its July and I have 11 rounds in so far this month.  I'm hitting the ball more solidly now for the most part and hoping to get my handicap back to where it was. 






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