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Novel Strength Conditioning Strategies for Improving Club Head Speed

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The Title is from a blog post (link) below, The "heart" of the article details a training method (French Contrast) used for training athletes for speed (i.e. sprinters; rotational sports etc.)

The first part of the article talks about why a golfer wants to increase club head speed (CHS) - skim over that as you probably are reading this article because that is your goal. The section headed "Complex or Contrast Methods" is when you want to read closely.

A French contrast session looks something like this:

Heavy partial-range lift or isometric for 1-3 reps.
Rest 20 seconds.

Force-oriented plyometric exercise, such as a depth jump.
Rest 20 seconds.

Speed-strength-oriented lift for low to medium reps, 2-5 typically.
Rest 20 seconds.

Speed-oriented plyometric exercise of higher repetition range. (Here is where you would use the light speed stick, or the SuperSpeed C, or your driver)
Rest 2-5 minutes and repeat.

The article details gives more details on establishing a workout based on the contrast method.

I have been using speed sticks for 5+ years along with a strength, mobility and conditioning program over that time period - retired for 5+ years, so I have the time. This winter I am going to use the contrast method three times a week. Still in the experimental stage as far as which exercise for the two lifts and the plyometric jump. I will be using all three tools available to me for the speed oriented plyometric exercise; light speed stick, superspeed c and my driver; on alternate days. The intent of the "speed" exercise is maximal effort; Instead of setting a limit(# of rep); I will swing until I see a drop off in swing speed. Also on any given day if I can not reach my target, then I'll skip that day as I probably did not recover fully yet.

Hope you find this helpful.


Coach William Wayland believes the ability to swing fast will remain important in golf. Here, he presents strength and conditioning approaches that will help golf athletes increase their club head speed.


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13 minutes ago, MiuraMan said:

Here is an isometric hold followed by a jump move I have incorporated in my workout for speed. Easy to do.




I wonder if you could apply that technique to arm/torso rotation. I do a lot of core rotation work with bands and even some isometric work to stabilize the core, but this is interesting. Something in the position of A4, top of the backswing with a hold, then swings or band pulls.

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1 hour ago, boogielicious said:

I wonder if you could apply that technique to arm/torso rotation. I do a lot of core rotation work with bands and even some isometric work to stabilize the core, but this is interesting. Something in the position of A4, top of the backswing with a hold, then swings or band pulls.

I would probably do a pallof press for the core isometric hold; followed by a standing chop exercise (w a lite band) pulling down, with speed, from A4  as you rotate and hips open. 

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good reference on "chopping" exercises by a noted "guru"


From PNF patterns to sport-specific exercise, Gray Cook covers the chop and lift basics to get your clients and patients working two arms against one core.

Search you Tube for Gray Cook and you will find some good stuff; one of my favorites is:


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added more info
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