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Google Still Doing Evil


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2 minutes ago, saevel25 said:

I don't know much about this to understand the implications of what Google or Facebook is doing. 

It's pretty simple.

  • Apple informed developers last June that they had to supply "nutritional-info style privacy labels" on the App Store starting in the future.
  • Apple notified companies in November that they were going to start requiring them in December.
  • Facebook complied, and their privacy nutrition label is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.
  • Since December, Google hasn't updated any of their applications. They've said repeatedly that updates will be coming out, but they haven't pushed any as you can see in the first tweet, since the requirements.

Their privacy labels are likely just about as long as Facebook's. Did you watch the video in the second tweet?

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    • Because at your level of golf it's like thinking that a shaft change is going to help you move the ball from left to right or right to left like Bubba Watson. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that golf is about golf equipment. Look at the WITB videos of the top players on Youtube. The majority of them have little or no interest in the shafts they use. They pretty much know they work, don't change them much and in many cases have to look at the shafts to be able to tell with certainty what they are.
    • Day 40 (17 Jan 22) - Yard too soggy for anything outside, opted for putting drills today.  Practiced from 3ft up to 10ft.  Also went all putt putt with setups that forced 2 strokes to get to the hole.  Made for good work on lagging to where I was in position to sink the putt for the second shot.  I like this drill as there are more times than not I have to think "lag" putt to set up for the second.  
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    • Yes, head and shaft were wrapped. It definitely doesn’t look new and it’s not what I ordered so I’ll be returning it soon. I got the wrong head club( mavrik22) and wrong head cover (epic instead of mavrik). No tool, no instructions on adjustments, not even in a callaway box. Like you mentioned it sounds like a bait and switch. I’m just glad I found this forum before it was too late to return it. Thanks for all the help! 
    • Without real information from your fitting, the advice you get here is going to be quite limited.
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