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Best Shot Tracker (Game Golf, Arccos, Shot Scope, Garmin, Etc.)

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I have tried both Game Golf and Arccos. These things often boil down to preferences, and I can only say what worked for me. Game Golf was a "fail" for me, whereas Arccos has worked well for me and I am happy with the system. 

I liked Game's club tags better, but I would too often forget to tap the shot recording device, so my rounds would be incomplete.

I like the Arccos automatic shot detection better. The rare errors are easy to fix with editing. 

I much prefer the feeling of playing with a watch or a phone in the front pocket than having something clipped to my belt like a beeper, which is the exact opposite of how I thought I would feel.

With Game Golf, I also found it annoying to have another device to charge (and to remember to put back in the golf bag after charging).

I don't know what improvements have been made with Game (I was using it in 2014-2015 I believe, and I just started using Arccos), so who knows maybe they've made changes to the system. 

I can't say which provides better stats or analysis. For me, the most significant difference has been that Arccos has been easy to use and to collect a full round's worth of data, whereas with Game, I often came away with big gaps, because I would forget to tag shots. With Arccos, it's a breeze. I just keep the phone in the pocket and it detects the whole round with minimal errors. What errors do occur are very easy to correct with editing. 




JP Bouffard

"I cut a little driver in there." -- Jim Murray

Driver: Titleist 915 D3, ACCRA Shaft 9.5*.
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3,4 Hybrid: Taylor Made RBZ Rescue Tour, Oban shaft.
Irons: 5-GW: Mizuno JPX800, Aerotech Steelfiber 95 shafts, S flex.
Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM5 56 degree, M grind
Putter: Edel Custom Pixel Insert 

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I've been using V1 Game this season, and have found it really nice. The Apple Watch functionality they added this year really makes it easy to "set and forget", and the swing detection using the builtin watch functionality is smooth. The only negative is that puts and chips have to be manually tracked, as the GPS technology doesn't provide shot detection and shot recording inside a few yards of the green.

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    • Paula Creamer bailed on a stroke but still hit the ball, and she was allowed to replay it, but I think even that one was perhaps handled incorrectly (it was a long time ago, and she just topped it, she didn't actually miss). I will also say that if you intentionally miss (and a PGA Tour player missing a driver by six inches is an intentional miss), it's not a stroke. The rules definition currently is: "The forward movement of the club made to strike the ball." It used to say the stroke had to be made "with the intention to hit the ball" and included language for when/if "a player checks his swing" or something like that. I think the first and second rules officials tried to apply 13.1d - ball at rest accidentally moved (on a putting green), which is to replace and not count the stroke. But it wasn't accidental. That he couldn't stop in time isn't an "accident." It's just an aborted swing that he didn't abort in time. The stroke should have counted. Officials are humans too.
    • I carry the Kirkland wedge set (G,S,L) and the pitching wedge that came with my irons set. The L wedge is my go-to wedge for around the green fringe, and anything around a 50 yard play - I love it.
    • Thomas claimed he didn’t intend to make a stroke. But he did. Perhaps he didn’t mean to complete the stroke. Somewhat like when Kevin Na would bail out of his drive and swing way over the ball and say he wasn’t making an intentional stroke. Your thoughts? I think I agree with the announcer. He was distracted apparently, but he made a stroke and hit the ball. Shouldn’t have been given a re-hit.
    • Day 15- Putting practice through gates, and worked on backswing by keeping left arm straight and pushing my hands away from my body.
    • @Wade Patton, TST has been around for almost 20 years. I've merged your topic into this pre-existing one. We'd rather you bump an existing topic than start a new one.
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