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5 Handicap Mental Troubles


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34 minutes ago, flnative75 said:

maybe im looking at it all wrong . IDK , tomorrow ill be in Jacksonville playing Hidden Hills. just another chance to get it right lol 


Let us know how you do. My formula for a great round is to avoid doubles, hit half the greens, get up and down half the time, and throw in a birdie and its a solid 75 all day long.  And really, to shave a stroke or 2 consistently to get down to a 2 or 3 is a lot harder than it sounds.  Good luck in Jax!

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Great topic! I have a similar issue, definitely mental. I had a golf teacher who said, "golf is a game of distractions", referring to golf course architecture. But also applies to my score on previous holes, etc. 

For me, affirmations, and remembering past success are helpful. Also, specific positive goals for each shot, and sticking to my routine. 

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well got out this Saturday , beautiful course . they had just punched the greens the day before so putting was no bueno , no excuses I didnt strike the bawell and shot a 84. tough track though besides the maint on the greens it was a very nice track with lots of elevation change. Back to my home course this afternoon . I will be playing the whites 0 yds and keeping score like someone had mentioned. illl keep you posted 

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    • Yeah, wind was coming strong from left to right and once it got above the tree line it moved over the sand trap and towards that single tree.  So my best estimate was somewhere between those two lines.  The group I was with made me re-tee since they were trying to beat me so I did since I didn't know the rule.  Now I know so that won't happen again.  I won anyway so all good.
    • “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Some Like It Hot.
    • Yeah, no. That only applies if you're not virtually certain it's in the penalty area.
    • I'd say the Rules allow the player to make his best judgement on this, look at 1.3b(2).
    • It’s kind of coulda woulda shoulda here don’t you think? The US team just played better for the most part in every session. Rahm played well but then lost to Scottie S in the singles. Rory played poorly, but he hasn’t been playing well lately compared to most of the US team. DJ, Morikawa, JT, BD, Koepka, Cantley all rose to the challenge. Even the coaches picks played well, Spieth, Berger and Harris. Westwood stunk it up when it counted, which is disappointing.  You can look back and come up with scenarios where the Euro team could have one, but I could also come up with the opposite and have the US winning more. It’s all just Monday Morning Quarterbacking. The OWGR is a pretty good indicator of a players ability to win. The Euro team had fine players, but not as good as the US plain and simple. And the US had better pairings and strategy. Looks at the list. Official World Golf Ranking - Ranking  
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