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John Erickson (Advanced Ball Striking) in 2022

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On 8/11/2022 at 6:24 PM, Phil McGleno said:

But I think so much of what he thinks is done is not really done.-This video says his torso is accelerating through impact but that does not really happen with anyone good-The kinematic sequences you can measure show us that.

@Blades Balata-I started the topic so if you could stick to what I started the topic wanting to discuss I would appreciate it.

I do not think that much of what John teaches players actually do-When they swing. Feel is not real as many will tell you.

I teach-And I teach feels too, because you ahve to.-But I know what players are actually doing and I do not like to put out videos or things and call them real when they are feels.

I really doubt his hips accelerate after impact.-Or his hands or clubhead do, either.

I do not think that would be a good way to swing if you did do it.

I do not think the clubface stays square longer.-Certainly not for several feet after impact-Duh.

I do not think that you can or should try to lag the shaft behind in a normal swing.

No doubt he is a good player.-But we are not debating that.

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"The expert golfer has maximum time to make minimal compensations. The poorer player has minimal time to make maximum compensations." - And no, I'm not Mac. Please do not PM me about it. I just think he is a crazy MFer and we could all use a little more crazy sometimes.

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Just leaving this here without much comment.

My favorite swing modeling pioneers, Young-Hoo Kwon, Sasho MacKenzie, and Steven Nesbit, seem to come out on different sides of an important question about torque at impact.

Part-way down on the page, Tutelman writes:

The reason this text jumped off the page at me is that I come at this from a background in clubfitting, not golf instruction. I know that the shaft is always bent forward coming into impact. I have never experienced, nor heard of another clubfitter who experienced, a backward bend coming into impact for a decent full swing. (That is, a full swing meant to hit the ball the "stock" distance or more for that club, and not distorted by a skilled golfer trying to do something specific with torque to make a point -- something different from what they would do if playing golf.)

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