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A Question About PGA Tour Eligibility


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This link was posted on the LIV thread in response to a question that I asked there. I felt that this might have been off-topic for that thread.


What is the minimum number of PGA Tour events a golfer must play each season? The minimum is pretty low.

A hypothetical situation: A PGAT player who does not have a win or lifetime exemption status plays in only 10 events during a season. In those ten events he earns enough points to qualify for a tour card for the next season. 

As I read the article, it seems to me that he would have to be ineligible for the tour card for the next season. He obviously loses his voting status for the next season, but does he get his tour card?

I have also read tonight on another site that the 25 event requirement has been relaxed somewhat (that article is from 2018). Does anyone know if that is correct? If so, what is the new relaxed requirement?

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That's not the absolute current one, but you can probably find your answer in there.

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    • I played my second round of 18 holes in over six years today. The other time was in November 2018 when I was in severe pain. I shot I think 91 that day? Anyway, it's not a day I want to remember frankly. Today on the other hand, is. I shot an 85 at a course I've never played before despite hitting five balls OB off the tee with driver. We played the white tees which are 69.6, 125. The course is part of PGA National and is named the Estate.  I got up and down over and over and over again all day, at an unsustainable rate frankly. I was getting up and down from really brutal spots too, but that just goes to show how terrible my full swing is. Oh well. I'm trying my best.   I hit a couple drivers before teeing off and here's what I'm packing if anyone was interested in seeing. Like I said, I hit five shots off the tee OB, including from the first tee, which is always fun doing in front of a bunch of strangers who will never see you again.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited I managed to shoot 85 in spite of getting zero favors from my full swing. I was hitting my driver only 220 most of the day. I hit 2 or 3 about 250, but most were around 220. My worst ones went like 200ish. Pretty brutal. All my OB shots were short pushes that flew maybe 200 yards before disappearing into the void forever. Anyway, it's a start. I've done so much rehab, needle work, and exercise these last 4-5 months (and really the last 1.5 years). My body felt pretty amazing out there. Very very little pain. This is a wonderful thing, and I do not take that for granted. I worked so damn hard to get back here. This was golf day no.17 for me since returning June 14th, and I have now played 54 holes total in that span. So I want to remind myself just how little golf I've actually played and that being terrible at the game is pretty much what I should expect at this point. 85 in that light should probably be considered good I guess. On a side note, I think this was my dad's and his friends' first time ever watching somebody play by the rules of golf or something. They were shocked how I refused to mulligan it up with them. I think maybe they learned something about the game from me today in that regard, in a good way.  85 at an unknown course with five OB tee balls. Fingers crossed I can clean that up soon. Otherwise, it really is amazing to be back finally.  Heard this one on the ride home and I think I'll probably always associate this song with today.  Cheers, guys. Thanks for reading. 🙂
    • My goodness, now I understand the comments on my swing back then… oof. Makes me wonder what I’ll say about my swing today in 5yrs.  What I remember was that I was -5 when you conceded. 😉 I’m trying to stay positive. I was definitely bummed on the overall loss.  But it was a great experience! Maybe Bandon Dunes for the next one?!?!
    • Day 22- random iron practice and some block practice with the driver (which is a strength of my game).  Finished with short game practice chips and putts to mimic real play. Great session for me!
    • I can't play alone anymore. I used to,  but now I feel that alone rounds are by definition practice rounds, and I think my practice time is better used on the range, or practice green, etc.  I have lost interest in just  social rounds, with nothing riding on it. Ditto for getting paired up with random folks, no patience for it.  I might feel different if I could treat  round as truly a practice round, and throw out extra balls, or take multiple shots from the bunker, or tricky lies, or short sided lob practice (or whatnot).  Courses are busy these days with little time between groups so practice is not practical. Plus I can't record solo rounds for HCP purposes, so grinding out  great score is moot, or the alternative also, I suppose.  I honestly don't know, do really skilled golfers play solo rounds? Honest question, is that the path to better golf?  If it is, I need to adjust myself so I can do what it takes. I've read that when tour pros play practice rounds, they do it in groups and have $$ riding on it, true?
    • I think it's being overlooked that If lateral relief isn't possible, there are two remaining options, back on the line as well as stroke and distance.
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