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Putting and Ball Compression


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Hey All,


I am not a great golfer, my goal every round is to break 100. My local course has narrow fairways, narrow greens that are incredibly hard (for me) to stick.


All that aside, my recent round went downhill on the back 9 yesterday. I always use low compression ball as I have low club speed with an iron but pretty decent with my driver. Currently I use Taylormade Soft  Response Red but I swapped to a Callaway warbird 2.0 on hole 12. Now, I already started going downhill before making this change  as holes 10 and 11 were not good, but it went really down hill on the greens. I was rolling the ball so far past when i had no issues on the first 9 at all. 

With the above information, useless or not, does ball compression change things when putting? I googled the crap out of this yesterday and was not able to find anything on putting and compression. 

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The ball compression doesn't really matter much at all. You aren't "compressing" the ball enough for the core or even the mantle to matter.

The cover material can matter. The different cover materials can have a different CoR.

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