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I plan to spend a few days in Iceland mid-June. Any suggestions on courses to play.

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Well, we stopped at a course/ driving range west of Reykjavík, didn't play there b/c we did not have any clubs, borrowed a couple clubs, shot a bucket but time was limited. Where we did play in Iceland, was on Vestmannaeyjar island, in an old volcano and that was fun. There is a ferry that will take you there, that is maybe 30 miles east of the city. We made an 8am tee time and the check-in office was locked up. So we played, checked in on the turn, and they were fine, then we paid as we left. Some beautiful holes.



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Hi, I live on a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

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Thank you for your post. I have a tee time booked for June 5. Will post after I play.

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Here's a shot from Vestmannaeyjar island from 2015. The course is in this crater with Puffin's all over the place. Good thing our cruise ship had clubs we could use.



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Hi, I live on a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

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    • Day 42 - Practice session mainly focused on driver. Couple minutes of putting too making sure I did my routine and lined my putter up the same on every putt.
    • If they're just at the start of every fairway… you don't really need a set of tees there, do you? 🙂 People say that, but I don't think it happens nearly as much as they seem to think. At least not since the "golf should beat you up" approach of the 1990s. Heck, WW's back tees are 6840… and the blues are just under 6500… and most people play the whites or forward. Par 72, too. I think people generally are pretty good about playing the set of tees that work pretty well for them. I've seen many courses that do that. Often the courses that have a "red" theme like the "Cardinal" course or something will have the back tees as the "red" tees or the "crimson" tees or whatever. I also like non-colors, like Tobacco Road uses the "Ripper" tees and the "Spike" (I made that one up I think?) tees, so you really have no idea which is which.
    • Day 217, June 5, 2023 Caddied for a player in the US Junior Am qualifier. Did a little mirror work in the evening when I got home.
    • Day 74: 6/5/23 Stack neural training.  2nd session in a row with a dip in speed. Will see what happens on Wednesday prior to a vacation with my family.
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