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Iceland Golf

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I will be in Reykjavik. for a few days in June. Plan to get at least one round in. Anybody with suggestion or any info that will help?

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According to my Frommer's guide, Reykjavik Golf Club has 2 18 hole courses.  There is an oceanside course called Korpulfsstaoir and what is listed as Iceland's premier championship course -- Grafarholt. June should be a good time since the summer days should be long at that time.

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    • Only with white belts. I think long hitters have always had an advantage. The anecdotal short hitter victory is an anomaly (Zack Johnson comes to mind). The only way to disadvantage the long hitter off the tee is across fairway hazards that require them to use less than driver. But there, they still have an advantage because the will use a shorter club from that spot than the short hitter. There is really now way to mitigate or legislate that advantage. It would be akin to making the fastest players in the NFL/NHL soccer, etc. slow down. Speed is an advantage in every sport and I would say one of the top requirements to excel. Distance is speed in golf.
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    • I have to agree with you.  My other question is what about strokes gained. If this future world of bifurcation occurs, would I then need to add an adjustment factor to my stokes gained vs the tour pros to account for me playing a different golf ball? 

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