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wama_underwear_hero.jpgProduct Name: WAMA Underwear
Product Type: Undergarments 😄 
Product Website/URL: https://wamaunderwear.com/collections/mens-boxer-briefs

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 5
Value: 3
Effectiveness: 4
Comfort: 4

My Member Review

I'm a big believer in making a few things very, very comfortable when possible. The list of "always comfortable" begins and ends with:

  • My feet.
  • My family jewels.

Needless to say, both are important. Any military guy will tell you about the importance of your socks, boots, etc. in taking care of your feet, and any man will tell you about the importance of keeping your "package" comfortable throughout the day.


WAMA boxer-briefs cost $28, though you should be prompted for a 15% discount when you first visit the site, and volume discounts are available too (20 pair will save you 20%, but that's still $28 * 20 * .85 * .8 = $381 for 20 pair of boxer-briefs).

The black/charcoal underwear I got is 53% hemp 44% cotton, and 3% spandex, much of which I imagine is in the waistband.

Comfort and Support

I've always preferred natural fabrics. I've previously worn cotton boxer briefs, bamboo, and maybe some hemp stuff… but I can't recall any specifically. I've taken to wearing some "tech fabric" type underwear as it doesn't stretch out much during the day and sag, leading to more "adjustments" than I'd prefer to have. I like to wear boxer briefs because I don't need my sensitive bits flopping around while I sit, stand, move around, give instruction, jog quickly to get a golf ball or a training aid… etc. The tech fabrics don't breathe as well as I'd like, and so any sweat or whatnot that builds up at all through the day can be slightly noticeable.

The WAMA hemp underwear suffers none of these problems, while offering some really good support. When I first put on the boxer briefs, I felt well supported with comfortable, soft stretchiness. The fabric held its shape and lasted through a few long days of teaching and golf. I played golf, I walked golf courses watching my daughter play, I drove nine+ hours in the car, and I've taught 10-hour days in WAMA underwear, and I've had nary a complaint at all.


At the end of the days, regardless of what I did, the boys were well supported and dry. I was quite comfortable. The WAMA boxer briefs felt as though they'd obviously been worn throughout the day, but they hadn't lost the battle at all to the manly bits. And, perhaps even better, the legs didn't roll and ride up my legs.

The waist band is comfortable. It stretches without binding or biting into your waist. You won't, unless you grossly underestimate your size, have marks or impressions around your waist at the end of the day. Like the legs, the waist band never rolled or moved around much.

Esthetics and Washability/Durability

Your underwear is generally not meant to be seen, so this section will be short. 🙂

The WAMA underwear is esthetically pleasing. As you can see, I chose a dark grey color. The waistband on the inside is a nice green color, with minimal external markings or tags, save for a small tag at the bottom of the left leg. The waistband matches closely in color, and the seams and stitching match as well. (I'd not have minded if the green waist band color was used for the stitching, but I appreciate that it matches as my tastes may be a bit wilder than most).


Some underwear I've had in the past will wear quickly, or stretch and sag quickly, after being washed. I wore one pair and washed it about ten times (my wife did not appreciate doing a "load" of laundry with a pair of boxer briefs and a few pair of socks, but hey, research!), and I was surprised and delighted with how comfortable and supportive the WAMA boxer briefs remained.

I've only had the underwear for about a month, so I can't truly attest to the long-term durability. I don't have any reservations about this, though, as it's already held up better than previous brands I've tried.



WAMA underwear is worth a look. Treat your family jewels like the precious "bits" they are.

Mens Hemp Underwear

They are available for men and women, in boxer-briefs, trunks, boxers, briefs for men, hipsters, bikini briefs, thongs, boy shorts, bralettes, and more for women.

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