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Seeking Freddie Couples Tempo - Are Tempo Trainers Worth it?

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I have been trying to get that Freddie Couples Tempo

Has anyone tried either of these tempo apps - are they any good/worth the $25



Only I came across this on youtube for free which seems to do the same sort of thing and may even be better as it gives visual cues as well.


Or is there something better out there?

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Fred Couples and Ernie Els have two of the most fluid, slow looking golf swings. Still, Ernie's backswing takes just over 1 second to complete. 

Even for Ernie, who has just over 1 second for his backswing, that means his downswing takes 1/3rd that time, so VERY FAST. 

I would try to just work on your swing and whatever tempo comes out of it is your tempo. You wouldn't ask Nick Price to swing like Ernie Els. 

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No, tempo is something that instructors that don't understand how to teach give as something to work on. Tempo is the result of the proper movement in the swing. If you don't have a good swing then the correct tempo isn't going to help at all. Often times if you slow down your swing, you will hit the ball more solid so that can be beneficially but focusing on tempo is not something to waste your time on. Focus on making the right swing, and the tempo will take care of itself. 

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