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2023 Kirkland Ball

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So i picked up a few boxes of these after seeing a review of them on YT last week ( didn't know they had released a new version at the time )     in the review the guy did hit a bunch of wedge shots with the new ball and it seems like the cover issue has been taken care of..   

has anyone picked up the new version and played it yet????     I'll be using mine for the first time this coming weekend at the TST meet up in Ohio 

It is what it is

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I don't live near a Costco, so… no. I may find one eventually, but I'm pretty good with my Snells and occasionally Titleists.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I started off playing the Kirkland balls this year.  I haven't seen scuffing any different than any other tour ball.  But I usually start with a new ball every round and retire the used ball to the practice pile.  I've gone through maybe two dozen balls, losing some and retiring some. 

But last round I played a TP5 and now seriously having second thoughts on the Kirkland ball.  I think the Kirk's perform well in a simulator but in real life they just don't fly as far, launch lower, and have too much spin on the driver (for me).  Sure you can spin the crap out of them with a wedge.  But there must be a difference in the aerodynamics.  With the TP5 I was hitting my drives 10 to 20+ yards further on average and much higher launch (hole by hole vs last time I played the same course).  But that was just one round so who knows (e.g. temperature, wind, fairway firmness, etc).  But definitely a difference off the driver.  5 wood carry was 15 yards further.  

You can look at data on MyGolfSpy at the differences:


But do they do these tests by actually hitting balls into a real range and measuring where they land?  I doubt it.  Simulator tests assume an aero profile given the launch and spin.  

So is kirkland a good value, absolutely especially if you lose balls every round.  But is there something left on the table?  Probably.  Maybe not 20 yards of driver, but my gut says it's not exactly optimal for me.  So i got a box of TP5's and am going to test out the difference next couple rounds.


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I went from playing Maxfli Softfli's to playing the Kirkland...    I have a dozen of the old U/6 low compressions, and probably a dozen of the old U/3's and probably a dozen of the StraightFli's and SpeedFli's..     

I honestly can't say if i noticed a distance difference with the any of the Maxfli's.    my only comparison is when i'm out playing a round with other people.    And I never feel like i'm at a disadvantage when it comes to distance, it's usually me not hitting the ball well or someone else just having a faster swing speed.     

I do like the value Kirkland ball, and it always seems like when i try to play a ProV1 or something, i end up losing the ball right away.    


It is what it is

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    • A caddy should never be the story in an event like this
    • Based on the video I posted and my thoughts, I think Rory is ok. A caddy is a caddy at the end of the day, imo. Stay out of the way. Ryder Cup or not, you shouldn’t be anywhere close to competitors when potentially interfering in their play. 
    • I think Rory may have overreacted a bit.  Depending on what someone said because he definitely looks to be reacting to something someone said off camera.  But that last angle they showed on 'Live From' doesn't make LaCava look good either.  He's not in Rory's line but he's definitely in his space as Rory is trying to get into his routine.  And when Rory shoo's him away, he lingers and says something to either Rory or someone just past Rory, as Rory is crouched down reading the putt. Then he waves his hand at Rory who's in his routine fully at that point.  Rory could have given it a couple seconds to quiet down as well.  Neither had a great moment, but they are reacting in real time to huge emotional moments.  Tough to get on anyone too hard for that.  Hopefully makes for great sporting tomorrow and a comeback for the ages.  
    • Welcome to TST @streetglider!  We're glad you've joined.  You'll find many helpful videos including the 30-day challenge and other instructional videos.   Check out the member's swing thread.   You'll find the forum warm welcoming and fact-based.    You are encouraged to read, respond, watch, listen and learn.       Again, Welcome
    • U.S. deficit was also 4 in 1999 at Brookline. I also think Rory was yelling at someone past Bones. I heard it stemmed from La Cava getting near where Rory was walking for his putt to tie the 18th (on the other side of the hole from where Rory would putt from, so not in his line). Heaven forbid you celebrate a little, Rory. From what I've heard, Rory was in the wrong there, especially after all the shit Cantlay took all day about his hat. I reserve the right to change my mind given more information.
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