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Official Tiger Car Crash/Infidelity Thread

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hey fellas.. you realize... tiger lead the world in wins and money all the while chasing tail and having the cloud of his wife finding out hanging over his head...

do you think he wont find relief not having to look over his shoulder any longer ?
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You know what I find hilarious, the fodder this gives to the Tiger haters that were already out there. Maybe cause it's golf, maybe it's cause a black man screwed over a white women, but nobody cared when Wilt screwed 10,000 girls. Or Mj, the list goes on. American's amuse me at times like this, throw that first stone. I also find it ironic that, in my mind, 70-90% at least of every man put in Tigers exact situation would have these problems or worse. We have no idea what living that life is like, look at Michael Jackson.
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wow, some harsh words from Mike Bianchi in todays Boston Herald/Orlando Sentinel:

" The PGA Tour, for once in its life, should be proactive on an issue involving performance-enhancing drugs. Commissioner Tim Finchem should immediately announce a full-scale investigation into Tiger’s relationship with this controversial doctor. And if it’s found that Tiger has been using illegal PEDs, all of golf’s governing bodies should strip him of his major titles. Nicklaus, like Aaron, should not have his monumental milestone (18 major victories) surpassed by a cheater "

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wow, some harsh words from Mike Bianchi in todays Boston Herald/Orlando Sentinel:

tiger is indeed in a precarious position because he has opened the door of suspicion and distrust following his admission of the affairs. bianchi has made it clear that once he was laughed at when he initiated the pga drug testing issue. not sure if he is now holding grudges to prove himself right or tiger is simply a perfect target for his agenda. although it is to the game's benefit to institute better testing standards and protocals, his cry for pga to pursue tiger is so far built on thin air. he has offered no specific suggestions or solutions on how to check tiger out. his main thesis is that tiger looks suspicious. knowing how many morons are out there following inflammatory articles like this, tiger therefore looks more guilty than ever. things like this is good enough to destroy tiger further.

granted, if a guy yells fire fire fire, eventually he will be right.
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The problem is that there is no accepted assay result to demonstrate exogenous (doped) HGH (a.k.a. somatotropin) in the blood. This is a pity, as suspicion will linger in the absence of a recognized negative test result. Of course sensitive and accurate assays for the hormone exist and are used to determine deficiency, mostly in children. IGF-1 (somatomedin C) is a sensitive biomarker for elevated HGH and mediates many of its effects effects (e.g. lipolysis IIRC) but again no doping biomarker threshold has been set. It's a big problem in pro sports which needs to be addressed.

Big mistake to get involved with a known pusher of the stuff, no matter how innocently. The man seriously needed some wise counsel. Maybe he'll start getting it now.

I offer myself humbly as Pharmaceutical Consultant (hourly) .....
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Tiger should have been like his fellow Gatorade/Nike/Gillette sponsored athlete, Derek Jeter. Jeter stayed single so he could sleep with whatever women he wanted hahaha
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Sadly I think this is something almost everyone can agree on. I didn't know that about Jeter (the shared sponsorships I mean, not the other thing .......). Now there's a man who sure seems to be leading the good life. More power to him.
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I agree with the article in that Tiger can no longer be trusted. He has botten big, especially in the last few years. I would no longer be suprised if it came out that he was taking HGH. Honestly. He is drug tested by the PGA, sure, but he also drug tests himself privately. I used to think it was in case of tampering, but now who knows? Of course there are golfers who take drugs. They probably keep it a secret because of the clean culture golf enjoys (for how long). Whether it helps or not is another matter. The money is too big not to encourage it.
If he is done for drugs, he should never be allowed to play golf professionally again.
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Interesting, if true:

" Golf Digest is suspending Tiger Woods' monthly instructional golf articles while Woods is on leave from the PGA Tour, the New York Post reports.

However, Condé Nast, which publishes Golf Digest, is keeping intact its connection with Tiger. The magazine publisher has a long-term contract with Woods worth about $3 million a year. That deal prevents Woods from doing cover shoots or interviews with other sports or men's magazines. The publisher pays for the glossy programs at Woods' charity golf tournament and flies him first-class to some events.

It is unclear whether Woods' compensation will be altered because of the suspension of his columns. "We have nothing to say in regards to Tiger's compensation," said a Condé Nast spokesman

You have to wonder how much this relates to Tiger's Men's Fitness cover photo + article, now that some of the circumstances behind its publication have been revealed. If that story (reported by the WSJ) is true, there must be some real soul-searching going on at Golf Digest. Many readers will be interested to learn that so much of their subscription money has been going to Mr. Woods. Of course GD will spin it otherwise, what else can they do with such an investment still on the books?
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  • Administrator
You have to wonder how much this relates to Tiger's Men's Fitness cover photo + article, now that some of the circumstances behind its publication have been revealed.

No, you don't have to wonder.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/ya9s8n3 Golf Digest editor Jerry Tarde acknowledged that he was "mystified" that Mr. Woods had agreed to this. Under Golf Digest's contract with Mr. Woods, the monthly, which is owned by Condé Nast Publications Inc., spent as much as $1 million annually on donations to the Tiger Woods Foundation, printing the charity's annual report and sponsoring many of Mr. Woods's preferred tournaments, according to a person familiar with the terms. In return, Mr. Woods agreed to contribute monthly articles on golf techniques and limit his appearances in competing publications. ... Mr. Tarde says he did not object because the interview wasn't a violation of Golf Digest's agreement with Mr. Woods. He said he assumed Mr. Woods had agreed to the interview as a way to generate publicity for his trainer, Keith Kleven.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

To me, Woods more and more resembles Michael Jackson: a child-man living in isolation surrounded by yes-persons with too much stuff in the medicine cabinet. Tiger's life goals are those of an adolescent, peopled by mega-siliconed porn stars and willowy figures with long blond hair, with mansions and yachts in the background.

Is it that both were child stars manipulated by parents and family?

Of course most of us with more normal childhoods would be as messd up if we were as successful as Tiger.

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Exactly my take on it, the Child-Man thing (or is it Man-Child ....?). How he concealed this from his wife of 5 years, to the extent that he did (and we will never know just what she knew or suspected about him), is a major question. Yes, I'm going with the assumption that she felt and was utterly betrayed.

A very interesting post Ole_Tom. I don't consider myself a "Tiger-hater", he isn't really mature and serious enough of a person to fit the category IMO. He cuts too pathetic a figure now. He may be a superb golfer and true student of the game (bravo ...), but I repeat, what else does he have going for him?

Just MO.
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Which just shows how wrong your assumptions can be. I find it a most pleasant subject that in no sense makes me "feel better", but it's worthy of the forum because it has implications for the game of golf and involves its biggest star - obviously.

Have you read the title of this thread? Why are you bothering to read posts in it if you feel that way, and even post yourself?

Just say no. Or just don't do it, or something ....

As to Elin: we cannot know for sure, but her recent behavior is not consistent with your hypothesis. I'm not buying it.

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LMAO I heard on the news a reported rumor is January 9th Charles Barkley is hosting Saturday Night Live and tiger is going to be on to publicly apologize Letterman must be giving him advice now, I'm betting it doesn't happen.

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Note: This thread is 4042 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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