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How far do you hit your irons?

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LW - 80
GW - 115
PW - 130
9 - 140
8 - 150
7 - 160
6 - 170
5 - 180
4 - 190
3 - 200
2 - 215
(+5 to +7 off the tee with irons)
3w - 230 (+10 to +15 off the tee)
D - 265

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How far do you hit your irons? I'm still trying to figure out distance on my longer irons, my increments between those clubs is still a bit foggy.

for me... (a 16 year old 20 handicaper)

4 iron: 180-190 5 iron: 180-170 6 iron: 160+ 7 iron: 150+ 8 iron: 140+ 9 iron: 130+ PW: 130- (lots of loft but longer then usual shaft on my pitch) T o be honest i odnt thin you going to find out much from that kind of qu, after all the people using this forum are a massive variety of abilites and strengths and weakness's in different aspects of the game, i dont hit my irons massive distances, but my woods, rescue woods and drivers are massivley longer in distance then my irons, i hit a 24 deg rescue wood 220 and my driver goes 310!!!! see what i mean.... not a fair question.

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60 Degree: 80 yds
54: 103
PW: 122
Rescue 19: 210
3 Wood (15): 235 (can get anywhere from 210-250 depending on swing)
Driver: 275

Not too long, but keep in mind im 14, 5'5, 120 pounds

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im 14 and play off an 8.9 index.
5'10 160lbs.
driver- 265
3wood- 240
2i-225 - usually only used off the tee.

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5'10, 165 lbs.

56* SW-100

My distance varies as i can usually step on a club if i need to, but i usually swing about 90 % with each club and if i have to i'll hit as hard as i can.

where i live right now its 9* cold and wet right now, golf balls wont carry as far in these conditions so my irons wont go as far and my driver goes a little farther than i carry it (245) the ball will hit sometimes hit dead and embed or get a one bounce roll out to 255-260. Completely different story then in the summer when i'll get 30 yards of roll.

Its odd people having these gaps between irons, i seem to have some inconsistancy with my longer irons but it is due to miss hits not lofts. Ball position will also determine how far you hit your irons.. I used to play my shorts irons too far up in my stance, now i play them way back and hit them a whole lot farther. Your iron set will also determine distance, usually a salesmen will tell you distance is not the same with irons as a driver which is completely untrue.. I used to play mizuno mx-23's and hit a 6 up to 185.. with my tp combos im about a club shorter.

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