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Open heart surgery and starting over

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I have been playing 30 years and was never really that good, but love the game.  Have been playing Powerbilt's my whole life.  I just had open heart surgery in Feb this year and am getting the itch to get out.  Still have some crunching noises in the chest, but want to get back at it.

I feel physically like I am starting over and will probably only be able to have a three quarters swing from here on out.  I am looking for advice on what set of clubs I should be looking for to get back on the course again in a couple of weeks.

They dont have to be a new set, but one in which is very forgiving and good launch angle. I read somewhere, that with a shorter back swing, a more upright lie might be needed???  I was playing standard loft and lie.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all,


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Welcome to my world!  I had 2 open heart surguries in 2001(1st one didn't work using chest vein-used leg veins for 2nd one 3 months later).  My swing did become shorter,but didn't change lie of irons. I did however go from stiff steel shaft to  A/R graphite  shaft in my irons. Didn't lose any distance or accuracy.

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All the best returning to the game.  Definitely agree on getting forgiving clubs in the shaft flex that corresponds with your swing speed. In your case, I might lean more toward graphite shafts.  Because you've been away from the game and now s/p sternotomy, I'd recommend getting fitted for driver, 6 iron, and putter.  Once you get fitted with the flex/lie angles/swing weight/shaft type/etc, you could do some price comparisons and ball flight monitoring of your final choices.  If your cardiologist agrees, I'd recommend a push cart for the cardio-exercise.

Won't find many more forgiving clubs than the Adams A4 Tech OS


Powerbuilt made some well reviewed clubs last year


Powerbuilt Driver--I'm guessing something in the 10.5*--12.5* loft range


Push cart


Don't be cheap on the push cart. The better ones are much easier to push/pull and maneuver than the basic ones

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