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PS-5000 irons?

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I've recently bought a complete set of irons and woods on the fleamarket and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them.

They only say "PS-5000" on them and the word "Lite" in the cavity. Construction seems very decent though, with TT-Lite shafts (R) and Lamkin silhouette grips, which like the clubs are in excellent condition. I have no idea what they are and failed to find a single piece of information on the internet so far, but these actually are sweet irons (the woods are terribly dated), from the early nineties I'd reckon. Very precise and fun to play with, probably due to / aided by the fact that these shafts seem a very good match for me. Given how much I've enjoyed hitting them so far and the fact that I got the full set for 10 EUR, these might be the steal of the century for me.

I'd love to know more about them, so every bit of help / info is appreciated. Cheers!


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gutten tag wolfy,

I recently bought a full set of ps5000 irons at a thrift store in Birmingham, Alabama that sound exactly like the ones you describe. Same shafts and grips and in the same excellent condition. Odd, huh? I have found no others online and no one in the extensive golf community around here has ever seen them either. Like you, I really like the way they hit, and like you, pitched the woods for more modern ones. You don't write like english is your second language, I'm guessing U.S. military? Anyway, we seem to be alike in our taste in ballhammers. If you find out anymore about them, please let me know.

Best regards-



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Very interesting...

I managed, somehow to inherit a set of these from a cousin who discarded them as soon as he started earning cash and the yuppie bug bit and he NEEDED very expensive clubs.

I have looked for info on these clubs a few times, found nothing.

I have not got the chance to hit them yet so I don't know how they feel, but exactly the same shafts and grips as yours.

My grips might not be in the same condition as yours though, as they've gone kinda shiny. But they're nowhere near as old as the Ben hogan Blades I got a couple of years back.

Please do keep us posted if you find anything.

PS. These seem well travelled as I'm from South Africa. Quite far from you guys.


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My ps5000 "BALANCED WEIGHT" putter has served me well for 20 years. .. bought 2nd hand for R20 /$2... Love that thing! :-)

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    • For those who don't show clubs in your sig line. I currently carry: 1-3-5 "woods" 2-SW (mid 90's loft angles, unlike stronger modern lofts) Putter I probably don't need the 5W, and I'd like to try a hybrid or two. Some day...  
    • Ok thanks. I feel like I am stuck right between reg and stiff. Hard to tell though as the last time I hit stiff flex in my irons my ball striking wasn't as good or as consistent. I play stiff flex in my driver, 3 wood and hybrids but that's mainly for consistency. I've always had a high ball flight since I started playing golf but lately it's become ridiculously high. Do you guys think moving over to stiff flex would help with lowering the ball flight.
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    • Four rounds this weekend, two on Saturday and two on Monday. Shot 89, 90, 84, 91. Today was skins day and luckily, my highlight round came this morning. The front nine was just awesome, shot 39 with six pars and three bogeys. Then got stupid on the 10th after the first bad drive of the day and hit a tree, twice (well, different trees ), and made triple. Three more pars and nothing worse than a single after that, to finish with an 84. Fifty cent skins, plus extra skins for birdies, and low score on front, back, and overall for each round. I was up by 20 skins on the 18th in the second round when we went double or nothing.   I hit my longest drive of the day, at 274 yards, with a perfect angle left to the par 5 green. Then hit a perfect 3W and ended up 6 feet off the front-left edge of the green. Thinned the pitch-shot a little and it rolled about ~15 feet passed the hole...two-putt for par. My buddy had hit a tree with his 3W (bad angle off the tee), and finished with a double. $20 bucks! Cha-ching! What a great weekend! 
    • Austin had a great swing but other than the "macro" moves I don't see many similarities to DJ. - Austin had a slightly weak or neutral grip, DJ uses a strong one
      - Austin raised his left heel on the backswing 
      - DJ has a much more flexed lead wrist on the backswing and downswing
      - Austin goes into right pelvic tilt and with more axis tilt on the downswing where DJ maintains left pelvic tilt longer
      - DJ is more rotational while Austin had more "leg drive".
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