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Golf GPS watches

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I have been looking at the new golf watches from Garmin, Bushnell, and Expresso. I currently Have a Neo Plus powered by igolf. After looking at the web for a while, and trying one on at Dick's, I thought I might buy the Garmin S1. I decided to go to the Garmin course site and be sure my local courses were supported. I was taken by surprize when the first course on the list was named wrong. Exactly like it is on igolf. The Expresso, like Bushnell uses the igolf courses. Does anyone know if Garmin does?


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    • My copy of LSW shipped on Monday!!!but won't be here till next week...   Until then I really appreciate what you posted above and what I've been able to glean from the site. Improvement is coming!
    • For an individual hole - I keep count in my head.  After a round, say on the next day, I can remember maybe 80% of my shots if I played on my home course.  And my memory is not very good.   Last round for instance, say hole 16, hit a decent drive probably 220 in the fairway, fatted a pitching wedge from a very wet lie about 85 yards and was left just on the lip of a greenside bunker, LW chip with front foot in the bunker and much lower than back foot about 20 yards and 20 feet past the hole, the putts? this is where my memory fails.  Like I said, I have a poor memory.  I'm assuming pretty much everyone can do this, most probably better than me.  As such, the idea of having a counting device is a strange one to me. For round score keeping - I use a scorecard and pencil.  I don't like fussing with a smart phone during a round.
    • Hey, new to golf but enjoying it for the most part. Just trying to get a better golf swing and to learn from others. 
    • I recently bought one because, honestly, I'm a horrible golfer. My slice is bad and figured what could hurt besides my wallet. I haven't had the time this week to hit the range but I feel like my swing is feeling better. I feel like my path is better and it help with weight transfer for me. I kept un-hinging it and I figured out why finally. I thought my downswing was starting from the ground up, but in reality it wasn't. I now am starting to feel the separation of hip bump and my shoulders compared to before and it helped with that. I will see if I actually got a little better on the range this weekend and keep you updated. 
    • This is the difference between my pitch and my chip; a pitch in my game is a smaller, gentler iron swing (takeback is only to between 9 and 12 o' clock instead of to 2-3 o' clock), and it's something I've only recently been able to hit cleanly, to say nothing of dropping it where I want it especially at very short range. If I'm inside 10 yards from the edge of the green, I'll just take a club that will roll out the distance I want afterward (somewhere between a 7 and a gap) and give it a stiff-armed, stiff-wristed bump to set it on the green and let it run out from there. As far as rollout distance, it depends on the club and you really just have to try em out. Bring your bag to the chipping green and start with your highest-lofted club. Start about 3-5 yards off the green and aim for the edge, then see how much further past the edge the ball rolls. Take notes (mentally or on paper); this carry-to-rollout ratio will be similar for just about any strength of swing with this style of chipping. So, when you get to the course, estimate how many clublengths it is from your lie to the green, and then how many clublengths more to the hole, choose your club accordingly, and then aim for the edge of the green. This works until you have to carry a longer distance than you can roll out, at which point you switch to the pitch shot to drop it where you want it.
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