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TaylorMade's "What's In the Bag": Pics of staff players equipment

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I wanted to share some pics of pro's bags that TaylorMade has on their Facebook page. In honor of the 2012 FedExCup Playoffs,TaylorMade's "What's in the Bag" feature is an album compilation of every bag they've showcased in the Top-125 on the points list.  It comes with a twist - they want fans, to VOTE for your favorite bag(s) by clicking the 'Like' button. The bag with the most votes on at midnight on Tuesday, August 28, will be posted next Wednesday with a new photo from the Deutsche Bank Championship.  While you're on FB be sure to "like" The Sand Trap


In his bag:
Driver: R11S 9* (Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 100 X)
Fairways: RBZ Tour 14.5 (Aldila RIP 95 X)

RBZ Tour 18 (Aldila RIP 95 X)
Irons: Tour Preferred MB irons (3-PW, Nippon NS Pro)
Wedges: ATV 50, 58 (Nippon NS Pro)
Putter: Ghost Tour MA-81
Ball: PENTA TP 5 (MyPenta No. 22)
Grips: Golf Pride VDR Red

Justin Rose

Dustin Johnson

In his bag:
R11S Driver 10.5° (Fujikura Motore 2.0 X)
RBZ Tour fairway 1
7.5° (Aldila RIP Series X)

R9 fairway 19° (Aldila RIP Series X)
Tour Preferred MB 3-PW (KBS Tour Black Nickel)
TP xFT wedge 54°, 60° (KBS Tour Black Nickel)
PENTA TP 5 golf ball

Jason Day

Driver: Burner Superfast 2.0 TP 8.5* (Matrix Ozik TP7HD X-flex)
Fairway Wood: Superfast 2.0 3 wood (Matrix Ozik TP7HD X-flex)
Irons: Tour Preferred MC 2-9 (Project X Flighted 6.5)

Wedges: ATV 47, 52, 60
Putter: Ghost Spider S
Ball: Penta TP5
Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Cord

James Driscoll

Driver: R11S 9* (Fujikura Motore 85 X-Stiff)
3wood: RBZ Tour 14.5 (Mitsubishi Diamana Kai'li 80 X-Stiff) RESCUE '11 #2 (Graphite Design TOUR AD DI 105 X-Stiff)

Irons: 4 MC (Dynamic Gold X100)
5-9 MB (Dynamic Gold X100)
Wedges: xFT 48*, 52*, 56*, 60* (Dynamic Gold X100)
(Testing ATV)
Putter: Manta Belly
Ball: Penta TP5
Grips: Golf Pride New Decade black/red

Brian Harmon

Robert Garrigus

RBZ driver 8.5 (Diamana shaft)
RBZ Tour fairway 18 (Diamana shaft)

R11S fairway 22 (Aldila RIP shaft)
R9 TP irons (3-PW) (KBS Tour White)
Grips: Golf Pride New Decade White/Black

Pat Perez

Driver: R11S 9* (Aldila RIP 70 X-flex)
3wood: RBZ 15* (Aldila RIP 80 X-flex)

Rescue: TP #3 (KBS Tour X-flex)
Irons: MC 3-9 (KBS Black Nickel X-flex)
Wedges: xFT 48, 54, 58 (KBS Black Nickel X-flex)
Ball: Penta TP5
Grips: Golf Pride New Decade red/black

Blake Adams

R11S 10.5 (Aldila NV Series)
RBZ Tour 3W 14.5 (Aldila NV Series)

Rescue 11 16 (Aldila NV Hybrid Series)
Tour Preferred CB 4-6 (Dynamic Gold X100)
Tour Preferred MC 7-PW (Dynamic Gold X100)
TP xFT wedges 52, 64 (DG Spinner)


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I'm voting for Garrigus 'cause he plays with only 11 clubs!

I guess it's better to leave 3 out than throw in some TMs he doesn't really use.

btw,  I like TM just fine, I just laughed at the marketing decision there.


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Exactly, I think Garrigus plays Mizuno wedges and he's using a long Scotty putter.


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    • Thank you! Got out for a few holes so it was a good day in spite of work!
    • 2/25: Played two rounds today with dad at a different course than usual. Shot 96 and 93. A few nice strings of pars and made several amazing putts (). Mostly bogeys other than that but managed a couple of absolute blow-up holes in each round that helped to guarantee 90+ scores from an otherwise very nice day of golf. I could complain about "sand-traps" sans-a-single-spec-of-sand with 10-foot wide puddles in them, or mushy fairways, or waiting 5-minutes for the 4-some in front of you on every shot, but there wasn't a notes field on the scorecard.  Practice is paying off, though. Hit my drives farther than ever, draws when I wanted them, and the fade didn't let me down when I needed it. 3/4 "flighted" shots are the new go-to approach of choice all the way out to 160+ with my 3-iron, and (n)GIRs have jumped up considerably. I've rambled on about my short-game improvements before, but it continues. Holed a pitch shot from about 10 yards and stopped 2 others 6 inches from the pin. Gotta play some more rounds from the front so I get used to stringing pars together. Realized today that I don't just get nervous about it, I also get cocky. Weird combination. 
    • I really like the travel of the sweetspot on the backswing. Kinda Nicklaus-esque.   They just stall a bit and it happens after impact. Can see how the belt loops are rotating all the way to impact.
    • At the top level the men may still be much better than the women at putting. Paige McKenzie once talked about how she played against some college guys who destroyed her on putting and she thought she was pretty good relative to her peers. I expect the best pro women ballstrikers have to work even less on putting to compete successfully than the guys where every edge is crucial just to get a card and make cuts. I love to watch Rory and DJ crank it out there. But I also get a kick out of Jim Furyk and Mo Martin's precision oriented play. It's all good. If they want to make accuracy more important for PGA players, all they have to do is grow the average event rough up a bit more so there's more of a penalty on every errant shot on the loss of spin and swing/ball speed reduction. Those are real issues for the least for facilities that don't cater to higher income golfers.
    • I have the Zepp 2 Golf (the round sensor).    Ive read the manual multiple times, and have approximately 500 ball strikes.    As I'm new to golf I can't seriously vouch for its accuracy, but I will say this: it's helping me improve my golf swing.    The 3D swing analysis is a great tool as is the swing comparison capability. In my opinion once you learn about what the tool measures and how it can be quite effective it    However, I do have a question: In the daily swings window, what does the red "P" next to the specific swing data mean?   Please and Thanks for any input.    V/R,  Chris
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