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VJ's Putting Style

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Just thought it was interesting that some golfers have gone to the long putter (Els and others), a few have gone to thick grips (K. J. Choi) and some putt with the so-called cross-handed or left hand low (for right handers) grip, but V. J. Singh does them all.


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    • Why not just send it back and get your refund?..Spending $200 on a "starter driver" seems expensive, from my perspective.... That all said, I'm very happy with my GX-7. I've got 10 rounds in with it so far and it isn't leaving my bag. They tell you right up front that it isn't going to win in a head to head distance competition with your driver. The point is that you'll hit it an acceptable distance (think 2 wood), but will be in play a lot more than with your driver. That's why they tell you to do the "averages test". Play a full round with your driver and measure EVERY driver shot (even the ones you dribble off the tee or slice into the nearby pond). Then play the same course with the GX-7 and measure your distances. That's what they mean when they say you'll be "consistently longer" with the GX-7.  If you're like me, your distances with the GX-7 will be averaged as longer than the driver.  If you can keep your driver in play on most every hole, then the GX-7 really isn't for you anyway. You aren't the target audience.    
    • I use it as a streatching/warm-up/exercise device.  I think it works well for that.  Maybe it helps my tempo also.
    • I bought a 100 pack of 48mm plastic castle tees on eBay for less than $4-shipped. They're the PERFECT height for the GX-7 and should last me forever. 
    • When using a cart don't wait for your fellow player sharing your cart to finish their shot and get back in the cart if it is quicker to drop him off and drive to your ball while he is getting ready to hit.  You have to use your judgement on when this will quicken your pace of play, it often will. There are really dozens of things you can do to help with pace of play. Little things, like where you park your bag around the green when walking, bringing your head cover to the tee box so you can put it back on as you walk back to your bag, mark your scorecard at the next tee while your playing partner is teeing off, etc. etc.  They all add up.  If you stay focused and aware of pace of play you'll learn them and/or figure them out.
    • I'll be in class with you then, Bill. Will be totally new to me, but let me know if there's any pre-knowledge you think might be helpful for me to brush up on first. I played a round last week, but I'm not sure what the heck happened to me (other than just age). I got fatigued at the turn, and started to feel a twinge in my neck- but played through it. Past couple days have been nursing the neck with Advil and massages, but now it is isolated to just some pain in my right shoulder blade when I lift my head up and turn it to the left. Other head movements feel just fine, but I'm not pushing it with a swing or anything yet. So I'm recovering well, but I'm just more concerned that this is a sign I'm starting to fall apart! It felt like a pretty standard walking round, which I'm usually able to do without any fatigue/aches/pains. I tell my wife, see! I just gotta play more for my own health! That logic seems to be working for now Good luck with your recovery, Matt.  
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