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A slice caused by an inside to outside swing.

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My golf has been suffering from a bad slice and fade with the occasional hooks (driver only), I had a lesson with the pro at my golf club who told me to change my swing to a more outside to inside swing (4 o'clock) however this has only seemed to accelerate the slice which will probably be due to the face being open at impact? How do you think I could stop that best?

I have a strong grip, bad upper back posture and also my head moves during my swing slightly... could any of these be the problem?

Thank you if anyone has any advice, I've got a video of my swing if it helps:

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Practice swing video doesn`t tell us much as most players swing differently when there is a ball in front of them.  With that said, I doubt you swing it too much in to out...Generally speaking in to out will cause a draw/hook UNLESS your club is open to the in to out swing path in which case you are looking at a push-fade/slice.

Is your ball starting left of target, at the target or right of target (and then slicing).  If it is starting at or left of the target, then your issue is NOT an open club face, but rather an out to in swing path.  Search "ball flight laws" for more info.

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I'm sorry I made a mistake, the pro at my golf course has recommended that I play with an outside to inside swing, not inside to out. My mistake, sorry.

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Your issue is with the driver, but your videos are with irons. I feel your driver video swing would look very different.

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This is a video of my driver swing, I haven't edited it so you may want to mute it as its quite windy. Its not the best of videos, which is the reason I was reluctant to upload.

This is a slow motion video below, Just shows how bad my upper back posture is!

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Thank you for pointing it out, I will have to work on turning my wrists around a bit sooner and keeping down more on the shot... I think that might be a possible cause.

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