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Could use some advise, sore hands and wrists

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I could use some advise on this or your thoughts, I know I can not be the only one having or had this issue.

I am 50 years old and have not had this issue this bad until about 4 weeks ago when I went to a steel shafts. I have in the past months sense I started back playing had some soreness but not this bad,

But it is getting worse in the last weeks to a point i can not even grip a club today. My wrist and fingers are so sore that I wake up in the morning taking Advil and soaking my hands in hot water before I can really even move them.

I don't know if it is the grip or my grip on the club or the start of something medical that was not there or showing up before now. I have been on vacation the last week and played or hit at the range almost every day. Today I was suppose to play 18 but after 5 min just warming up waiting for my son to get ready i can not even hold a club. I took yesterday off because of this reason thinking today would be better but it is the same.

Should I think about going back to a graphite shaft, if so what should I ask for. I think a 65g shaft is way to light so most heads now the head seems to be a bit to heavy for my swing in a reg graphite and a stiff is hard to load..

I have asked a few of the club fitters at RDunn but all they say is stay with steel unless you are over 60 or have medical issues, what ever that means.

If I can not play what does it matter at this point.

Thanks for any help.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

Thought I could not be the only one having these issues, so here was an update if you are dealing with this also. To me there is no option of not going to the range or playing with my son so what ever the cost ends up being I will pay it.

I had switched over to a steel shaft weeks back. After going to the range and playing every other day my hands, fingures and sholder where in such pain it took hot what and advil each morning to get them to move again not even kidding about this.

i could not even hold a club or move my fingures or wrist, sholder was sore. Well i went and got fitted for graphite shafts again not really wanting to go backwords but still wanting to play felt I had no chose. Last night I stoped by the range, it was really cold balls where hard as a rock and a good chance to see how my hands would react with a new set of graphite clubs. Even though I was spraying a few balls all over and some really bad off center shots I woke up today with only one fingure that was a little sore.

This was a big improvment from not able to move my fingures and wrist to one finger a little sore. No hot water and no advil this morning did not need it.

I am playing this Saturday so there will be another opertunity to see how I feel on Sunday. I went to a stock 75g callaway shaft on the razer x, they seem to hit high and far no balloning that i could tell, it was dark there after 100 yards you loose the ball.

So if you are like me and will pay what ever the cost is so I can play and you are fighting to switch, at least give you self a break and try them out.

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